The Killing
Stephen Holder & Sarah Linden


Warning: These are Adult stories. That means sexual relationships and situations between adult people. If you are not interested in reading such stories or if you are underage, please go no further. By clicking on the links below you are verifying, that you are of age to read sexually explicit material, and are not offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activity.
Oh Snap!
Word Count: 53550

1. You're my Ride
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They didn't start well
2. Don't worry about Me
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They forge a fragile bond
3. If the truth hurts
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They struggle to trust each other
4. Breakfast Burritos
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They try to keep it together
5. Sanctuary of Light
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They find comfort in each other
6. Chasing Butterflies
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They go seperate ways but keep in touch
7. Waiting in the Dark
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They save each other from falling apart
8. Stuck with Me
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
The world is crashing down on them
9. No Man is an Island
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They are driven apart
10. Chill Out
(Holder/Linden, PG13)
They catch a glimpse of light

Broken Promises

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