20. The Wolves of War


Scott and Malia are in big trouble.
Stiles arrives in his Jeep and rams a hunter out of the way. "You didn't think you're doing this without me, did you?" he says.
Then Derek walks in, and stands right next to the Jeep's open sidewindow. "Without us?"
Stiles rolls his eyes.
Scott gapes.
Aw. Okay. They didn't drive here together in the Jeep, but still. They must have talked on the phone or met before their arrival, because they arrive at the exact same time at the scene together. Hey! Without us. Wow! Who is a couple now?

Derek attacks the hunters, flying badass style through the air. Holy shit! Super cool! He simply is the best! With his help the pack forces the hunters to give up and flee.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me about any of this," Stiles complains to Lydia. No hello. No smile. No hug. No kiss. No sign of love. That is how I like it.

Derek and Scott hug. Stiles is cool. Peter on the other hand appears a little bit jealous.

Derek tells them about the slaughtered pack in Brazil and the words 'Beacon Hills' on the wall.
Scott: "You came back for Beacon Hills?"
Derek: "No. I came back for you."
Yeah, sure. Everybody knows who you came back for. Don't pretend. Oh, and why has Stiles the Jeep anyway? Didn't he give it to Scott when he left town for his FBI training? How did that go?

Gerard starts talking on the radio in the Jeep. The pack hurries to the Jeep. Stiles and Scott sit down on the front seats. The others gather around the Jeep listening to Gerard threatening them. Gerard quotes Shakespeare. Scott hands the micro the Derek. He says: "Cry, Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war." Gerard welcomes him back. He tells them he had caught Jackson. He tortures him. The pack hears him scream. Stiles looks at Lydia. She flinches in pain. Well, there is the love, not matter who is with who right now. Stiles loves Derek. Lydia loves Jackson. Gerard talks on and on.

The pack withdraws to the animal clinic. Stiles tells his story about how he'd saved Derek from the FBI. "So literally, it was day one of my internship, and up comes a slide about this guy that they've been chasing in the woods of North Carolina."

Malia: "I thought you were in South America."
(Duh? Really? You knew where Derek had vanished to. As if anybody had a clue. If the pack had known where Derek was, they would have talked about it, if only once, right? Don't play us for fools, dear writers!)

Derek: "I was. The bodies of the werewolves I told you about? They blamed me."

Stiles: "So I learn that the FBI has cornered this feral mass-murdering unsub..."

"I found a group of hunters gathering in a meeting place," Derek interrupts him, sounding annoyed. "I was trying to get information."

Lydia represses a smile.

"Well, the FBI found out about it too, and they were planning a SWAT assault to take him down. Dead or alive," Stiles talks on, looking at Derek. "And, as we all know, though, with Derek, it's preferably dead."

"Preferably," Derek agrees dryly. LOL!

Stiles: "So I convinced them to take me on the Field Op."

"You convinced the FBI to bring an intern onto an extremely dangerous field operation?" Lydia says, incredulous.

Derek: "I'm surprised he didn't convince them he could lead it." Wow. Look at that! Derek is very sure about his lover's talents.

Stiles looks at him. "I tried. Didn't work." He licks his lips. "Anyway, long story short, I basically, you know, had to save his life."

CUT TO Stiles and Derek push through a double door. Stiles is dragging the wounded Derek along. Derek wears a black leather jacket. Gunshots are heard in the distance. Derek grunts. He can barely walk and loses his balance. Stiles tries to keep him on his feet. Derek grabs the neckline of Stiles's FBI jacket desperately holding on to him. Stiles walks on dragging Derek with him.
(We see a wonderful shot of just the two letters of the FBI imprint on Stiles's jacket: BI. Well, is that a hint or just good old queer-baiting? It's certainly not a coincidence.)

"That's not how it happened," Derek interrupts Stiles's heroic tale.

Stiles looks at him. "Yeah. I may have left out a detail, but that's the gist of what happened. It was the essential essence of it."

Lydia nods, looking not in the least convinced.

"You couldn't walk," Derek says.

"I was limping," Stiles corrects him.

"You couldn't walk and I know that because I was carrying you," Derek counters, looking at Stiles.

CUT TO Derek and Stiles pushing through a double door. Derek carries Stiles bridal style, shaking his head. Gun shots are heard in the distance. Stiles screams. His left foot is shoeless. Derek looks disbelieving. Stiles keeps screaming. He looks at his foot and faints at the sight of his own blood. Derek walks on, still shaking his head.

"They shot my toe. You want to see it?" Stiles says, pouting.

Derek rolls his eyes and looks at the pack.

Lydia smiles, definitely amused. Scott and Malia stare at Stiles.

"My toe was caught in the crossfire. It was obliterated!" Stiles continues complaining.

"Okay, forget your toe," Lydia says.

"Obliterated," Stiles insists.

"Hmm," Lydia says, without pity.

"Guys, it's not just the hunters. We've got another problem," Scott comes to the point.

"It's called the Anuk-ite," Lydia says.

Well, it's obvious nobody cares for Stiles's toe or what really happened. Shit! I wanted to learn more. I care more about Stiles and Derek's story than the stupid Anuk-ite. I could listen to them for hours telling their version of "the truth".

Scott, Malia, and Lydia tell Derek and Stiles everything what they know about the Anuk-ite. That it is a shapeshifter and knows what you're afraid of, what you fear the most. It can kill you by just looking at you.
"Okay, so you're telling me we gotta go up against this thing blind?" Stiles says. "And face our deepest fear?"
"Yeah? Why? What do you fear the most?" Scott says.
"Blindness," Stiles confesses.
"Becoming blind?" Derek says, surprised. It's obvious he didn't know that about Stiles. Neither did Scott.
"Yeah, terrified of it. Always have been," Stiles says, looking directly at Derek. "This just seems to be a situation of unfortunate overlap."
Scott decides that they should split up. Lydia and Stiles need to find Argent, get to the Armory and rescue Jackson. Scott thinks if they stop the Anuk-ite they stop it all, Gerard and the hunters, because most of them are normal people acting out of fear.
Derek: "Well, fear's pretty motivating. Especially when it leads to anger."
Yeah, yeah. Fears leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side. We all know that. We've seen Star Wars, too. Much quoting Yoda, we are?
Derek admires Scott's, Lydia's and Malia's attitude. "Oh, it's nice to see that somebody hasn't lost their optimism."
Scott: "Not yet."
Stiles: "I have." Hey! What is it with you and always going against the tide?
Scott needs Derek and Malia to come with him to the high school. And they need Peter. Anyone who is able to help them to stop the Anuk-ite.

Aw. At least both of them are in the same room. That's more than we got in most of the episodes in season 3b and 4. Stiles looks a lot at Derek. And Derek looks back. Duh!

Scott, Malia and Scott find Peter who was turned into stone by the Anuk-ite. Derek can hear Peter's heartbeat.

Jackson runs into Stiles and Lydia. She freaks out and jumps him screaming with joy. Stiles is not amused and breaks the embrace almost violently.
Well, Lydia loves Jackson, that's a fact, but Stiles is kind of an asshole the way he acts in this moment. If Lydia wants to hug an ex-lover and friend that's her decision. She has every right to do so. What is your problem, Stiles? Are you a control freak? Are you that insecure? Or do you need to prove something to forget about your feelings about Derek, huh? Is it even guilt that make you behave like an idiot? Whatever it is, it's not okay!
Lydia ignores Stiles's behavior anyway, and pats his shoulder in a way someone pats a little boy. Ha! That serves you right, Stiles.
Jackson confesses that Ethan is his boyfriend. Lydia is thrilled. "Oh, my god. I thought you'd never figure it out." Jackson chuckles. He urges them to go find Ethan. Right. Now it's about time, Lydia that your second boyfriend figures out that he is very gay for the one Derek Hale. *chuckles*
Stiles gets a call from Scott. He asks Stiles to get a particular piece from the Armory. Stiles goes and gets the piece. We don't know what it is - yet.

Scott gets shot by the huntress. Malia chases after her. Derek takes care of Scott. The bullet was full of wolfs bane. It's gonna kill Scott.

Derek burns the wolfs bane out of Scott. Nice. Scott faints. Derek hears a noise and walks towards it. His eyes turn blue and his teeth are out.

Derek walks the school corridors, shifted. He hears Jennifer's voice talking to him. "Derek, is that you?" He turns around. She keeps talking to him. He turns back to her but keeps his eyes closed. She keeps calling him, taunting him. "You are not real," he says. She comes closer. He moves back and stumbles. He tries to fight her. She catches his arm and drags his hand over the front of her body. She releases the hand and orders sharply: "Look at me!" Derek opens his eyes and looks - at the Anuk-ite. He turns to stone, too.

The hunters discover the petrified werewolves.

Scott hides in the library. Stiles starts talking to him, though it's not him, but the nogitsune. In fact the Anuk-ite plays with Scott's fears, he even mentions Allison. Then he changes into Derek and Malia attacking Scott. Next Scott hears Lydia's voice, screaming, and then the Anuk-ite turns back into Stiles/the nogitsune, grabbing him, ordering him to open his eyes. But Scott resists and claws his own eyes out. He fights the monster blind.

The hunters prepare to shoot the petrified werewolves.

Stiles bursts into the library and smashes a jar of mountain ash to the ground. A cloud of ash surrounds the Anuk-ite and the creature turns to stone. The werewolves are released. Derek is the first to break free. At once he starts fighting the hunters. Peter does the same. The hunters flee. Jackson and Ethan are attacked but saved by the coach who drives a hunter with a Lacrosse stick into the ground. "Now it's over," he says, and chuckles. "Good to see you, Coach," Jackson says. "You, too, Jackson," the coach replies.

First of all: Why doesn't Stiles turn to stone? The Anuk-ite looked directly at him. Is it because his deepest fear is blindness, and he turned blind right that moment, if just for a few seconds, and so the Anuk-ite's look couldn't harm him?
Hey. He is the Emissary of this pack, isn't he? He's as mysterious as Deaton. Enough said.
The Coach. I love him and his snark.
Secondly, and much more important. Stiles saves Derek again. He kills the beast and with it he frees Derek who was in danger to be shot and killed by the hunter's. OMG! That's magic! That's love.

The pack gathers around Scott. Sterek in one room once again. Oh, thank you for that mercy, dearest writers. Malia rushes to Scott's side. Stiles acts not at all surprised about their relationship and touches Lydia's hand with his hand. Well, that's Teen Wolf. Things just happen, nobody needs an explanation. Lydia looks at Stiles and tells Malia to kiss Scott. Malia executes the advice. Scott's eyes heal. He can see again. Stunned and relieved Stiles looks at Derek. Derek looks at Stiles.
Well! Whatever is going through their minds - I'd like to know.

Night. It's raining. Chris drives Scott to an unknown location and leaves him there. Scott meets with the boy Alec.
Stiles arrives in his Jeep, and Derek in his Camaro, exactly at the same time.
Lydia, Malia and Liam are with them. Scott calls them his friends, his pack. He tells Alec he is not alone in his fight against the hunters. Stiles winks. Maybe at Derek - who knows. Derek smiles. Maybe at Stiles - you never know.
The friends form a row and walk side by side through the rain. In the last shot Derek and Stiles look at each other, smiling.


Trivial events in Beacon Hills:
The fight against the Anuk-ite continues. Deucalion dies. Peter is turned into stone. Jackson tricks the guy who guards him and hits him with his Kanima tail to escape. LOL! That was fun. Theo and Liam work together. Theo even saves Liam from being shot. The sheriff beats three men up and frees Parish and Agent McCall. Jackson, Malia, and Ethan are turned to stone. Gerard shoots his own daughter Kate with a wolfs bane bullet because she's one of the creatures. The pack is save, the hunters flee, and Theo takes someone's pain before he dies. Chris let Kate kill their father Gerard. The evil is defeated. School starts. The coach continues to train the Lacrosse team. Theo and Peter stay around. Deaton continues to work. Hey! Where have you been in all this mess? Chris and Melissa kiss. Jackson and Ethan go back to London.

Well, it's not a great ending, but not a bad one either. No Stydia kiss, hug, or love declaration. Ha Ha! Neither did they give Derek a new love interest. An open ending which gives me as a fan the opportunity and inspiration to make up my own ending. The perfect scenario to write the perfect Sterek ending myself, because...


First Derek wears a blue/grey shirt. In the flashback of their escape and at the end he wears black; yeah, the leather jacket is back. Stiles wears a plaid shirt with the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. In the flashback of their escape he wears a FBI vest and in the final shot he wears a red shirt, Hey, there, Red Riding Hood, and a green jacket.