7. Weaponized

Sterek! Nope!

Stiles and Scott discuss if they gonna tell Derek about finding the Hale money.

Scott: "I thought I just ask Derek. The money is his."
Stiles: "His and Peter´s."
Scott: "What does that mean?"
Stiles: "It means we should proceed with caution."
Scott: "You don´t think we should tell Derek?"
Stiles: "No. No. No, of course we have to tell him. I´m just - I´m just saying...some of that money is Peter´s, right?"
Scott: "Yeah, right."
Stiles: "Peter. Homicidal killer. Remember? You wanna give half a million dollars to him?"
Scott: "So, we should give Derek his money back but not Peter?"
Stiles: "I didn´t say that."
Scott: "Stiles! What are you saying?"
Stiles looks at him, out of words.

OMG! The whole discussion. Stiles is torn up between telling Derek and keeping the money away from Peter. And what does Scott know about Derek being the next one to die? Did Stiles tell him or did he not? Is this only about the money or Stiles struggling to tell Derek that he is in danger or not? I´m not sure. Stiles looks like is going to break apart under the pressure to make a decision, he even turns his face away from Scott to hide his feelings from his best friend. He struggles to keep calm and in control. Scott is pretty much confused by the mixed signals Stiles gives him. Stiles is not able to say more. He looks unhappy and lost. That´s when Malia arrives.

The two boys hide the money. Not much trust here, huh?

Malia: "We found Satomis´ pack. Derek and I. But they´re dead."
Scott: "All of them?"
Malia: "All the ones we´ve found."
Stiles: "Then where is Derek?"

*snorts* Stiles doesn´t care about Satomi´s pack or that they are dead, or that his girlfriend is back, wet and unharmed, he only cares about Derek. It´s really as simple as that. It was always about Derek, since the first time they met in the woods. He even makes a step forward toward Malia asking his question, making clear how important the answer is to him. More important than anything else at the moment. Derek can´t die. Derek has to be saved. Derek is priority.

Derek brings the injured Braeden to the hospital and stays with her. Even as Melissa tells him that Stiles and Scott are at school under quarantine he doesn´t hurry there to help them. Why not? The boys are his best friends. Scott is a werewolf and an Alpha. Braeden is a stranger to him, right? Derek met her only twice before. She looks good, right, Derek? That´s it. Or do you care for her because she was with Scott saving you from the tomb? I seriously don´t get it. Only much later Derek says: "I have to go to the school." Well, about time but too late, anyway. An assassin appears and shoots at Derek and Satomi. Derek throws himself in the line of fire for Satomi.

Being put under quarantine and having no connection at all to the world outside Stiles figures that now he has not a chance to warn Derek. Yeah, well. Life´s a bitch.

Stiles doesn´t want to tell Malia who she is, because he doesn´t trust Peter. He knows Peter is the bad guy. Reading the list Malia figures the secret out herself. Not talking to Stiles anymore she walks out of the vault. I hope that´s it and you never get back together. Period!

Stiles is threatened to be shoot and still he didn´t reveal the hiding place of his friends. He is saved by Agent McCall. Shit!!! I´ve wanted Derek to be the one. Would have made much more sense, too.

To sum up, Derek and Stiles both would have taken a bullet to protect their friends. Derek maybe even already did, but hides the fact that he´s injured. I´m not sure.

Stiles wears a white shirt, a mint-green hoodie, and a black/grey jacket. Seriously? How many clothes does a boy need in California during the day in class? This is ridiculous! The jacket he gives to Malia later. Derek wears the same shirt as in 4x6. I don´t know what he did with his jacket. Maybe he left it in the car.