19. Letharia Vulpina

No STEREK! Shoot!

Derek to Scott: "You have to tell Stilinski. You have to tell what´s really wrong with Stiles?" So? Did he?

Derek finds a frequency emitter at the loft. Chris says he didn´t put it there. Did Stiles put it there? Is he creeping around Derek? Is he?

Derek spent two days trying to find Stiles. Aw! He has dark shadows under his eyes from searching so long without having any sleep.

Derek: "Okay. We both are trying to find Stiles. May I ask what you´re planning on doing if you find him?"
Chris: "That depends on what Stiles I find."

That´s all. Nothing further. I´m disappointed.

Derek and Chris are handcuffed sitting next to each other at the precinct. *pouts* Why couldn´t that be Derek and Stiles?

Derek insults Stiles.

Chris: "I don´t suppose you have any idea why Stiles would frame us for murder?"
Derek: "I didn´t think Stiles was smart enough to frame us for murder."

Oh, really? Don´t you remember the time Stiles get you arrested the first time?

Derek doesn´t trust Chris. Oh. That again. Open wounds, Derek, huh?

Peter wants to talk to Talia himself. So Derek didn´t tell you anything, huh? Clever.

Derek shows off a little. "I could easily get out of these handcuffs, you know." Yeah, we know.

Derek: "Well, I´m not interested in to being a victim to a 17year old possessed by a psychotic fox."

1. Derek points out that Stiles is 17 now. Hey. What about that?

2. What is with Derek putting Stiles down all the time? Does he want everybody to think that he doesn´t care one bit about this boy? Not one bit. For whatever reason. That there is a reason I´m sure of. This is so STEREK in a twisted, twisted way. Just saying.

Derek saves Chris´s life by covering his body during the explosion. *pouts* I wished that could have been Stiles.

Derek´s back is covered with pieces of broken glass. Ouch!

After the explosion Derek and Stiles are in the same room. They neither throw each other as much as a glance nor do they say one thing to each other. COME ON! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!! Why are the writers doing this to us? I just don´t know anymore.

Derek and Chris are already gone when Stiles passes the spot where they have been. For seconds he freezes and looks strangely at the cleared area. Why? Is he sensing something? Does he feel Derek was right here?

Stiles drives the Jeep. Does he know Derek fixed it? Did anyone tell him?

Kira said: "Don´t offend the Kitsune." Derek offended Stiles/the nogitsune a few times now. Why is he doing this?

Badass Stiles plays Scott once again. HA! Thank God Deaton is once again the man.

First Derek wears the same clothes as in 3/18. Later he wears a different leather jacket above a greenish shirt. Stiles wears a green/grey plaid shirt above a dark shirt plus light brown pants and sneakers which are different clothes than he wore the last time he was seen. He was gone for two days. Where and when did he change? Later he wears a red shirt underneath the same longshirt.