8. Visionary

Sterek subtext allover!

Stiles comes to Derek´s loft to talk to him but Derek is gone. So he talks to Derek´s sister Cora instead.

Cora: "That´s what we were told when the hunters find us. Hide and heal."
Stiles: "Okay. So is two days standard then, or are we thinking Derek is on like some extended getaway?"
Cora: "Why do you care?"
Stiles: "Why do I care? Let´s see. Because over the last few weeks my best friend tried to kill himself, his boss nearly got ritually sacrificed, a girl that I´d known since I was three was ritually sacrificed, Boyd was killed by Alphas (Interesting. He doesn´t blame his death on Derek.), I...You want me to keep going...because I can, alright...for like an hour."

Cora: "He wasn´t like this when I knew him."
Stiles: "What was he like?"
Peter: "A lot like Scott actually."

Stiles: "So what happened? What changed him?"
Peter: "Well, the same thing that changes a lot of young man. A girl."
Stiles: "You tell me some girl broke his little heart? That´s why Derek is the way he is?"

1. Mirror Scene. The first time Derek meets Paige he holds a basketball in his hands. He also holds a basketball talking to Stiles in 2x4.

2. Mirror Scene. Derek is a show-off who tries to impress Paige. In 1x1 + 2x2 Derek also shows off. Derek does impress Stiles.

3. Mirror Scene. The first time Paige meets Derek she wears red. Stiles wears also red meeting Derek for the first time in 1x1.

4. Mirror Scene. Paige doesn´t like Derek very much before she gets to know him. Neither does Stiles.

5. Mirror Scene. Paige already knows Derek´s name before he introduces himself. So does Stiles.

Peter: "One minute I hate you, don´t talk to me, the next is frantic groping in any dark corner they can manage to find themselves alone in for five minutes." Oh dear God! This sounds so familiar.

6. Mirror Scene. Derek meets Paige in secret. In 1x9 Derek hides in Stiles´s room.

7. Mirror Scene. Paige thinks Derek only likes her because she didn´t like him. No she worries he won´t like her anymore now that she cares for him. Stiles´s feelings for Derek change from hate (1x4, 1x6, 1x9) to concern (3x7, 3x10, 3x11), and Derek shows that he still cares for Stiles. Oh. Oh.

Paige: "I hate you."
Derek: "No, you don´t. You love me."
Paige: "Hate you."
Derek: "You love me."
She nods. They kiss.

8. Mirror Scene. Derek let Ennis bite and turn Paige to be with her forever. Stiles implies in 4x12 that he wouldn´t mind to have such claws as Liam. Whatever that means.

9. Mirror Scene. Derek (at the age of 15) attacks Alpha Ennis, even if he has not a chance to win this fight, to protect Paige. In 1x9 Derek attacks his uncle Peter, an Alpha, even if he has not a chance to win this fight to protect Stiles. In 4x12 Derek protects Stiles from werewolf Liam, though Derek has lost all of his powers and could get killed easily.

Paige´s body doesn´t accept the bite and she suffers a lot. She tells Derek she knew what he is and loved him still. She pleads him to kill her. He does. His eyes turn blue.

10. Mirror Scene. Paige knew what Derek is and still she loved him. Stiles knows what Derek is and still he cares for Derek.

Cora: "What? What´s this...what´s this look on your face?"
Stiles: "What look?"
Cora: "That kind of look that makes me wanna punch you."
Stiles: "Oh my God. You are so Derek´s sister. I forgot."

Stiles tells Cora that he thinks Peter is an unreliable narrator and something is missing. They don´t know the whole truth.

Cora: "You just gonna ask Derek about the girl he fell in love with and then killed?"
Stiles: "If I have to. Yeah." Oh god. I love you.

Stiles has tears in his eyes saying this. Wow. He really cares a lot about what happened to Derek.

So. Derek likes people who don´t like him. Derek likes people who challenge him. Derek isn´t discouraged when people say "I hate you". Derek has a thing for humans. Paige. Kate. Jennifer (He thought she was human). Braeden. As far as we know he never was with a werewolf. Hello, Stiles. You fit his taste perfectly.

I think Derek would never bite Stiles because he could die like Paige.

Derek´s hiding place where he feels safe is the locker room. That´s why he dreams about talking to Stiles at that place in 3x24. In his nightmare Stiles comes out of the locker/out of the closet in 3x13. The place is dark. Stiles is not ready yet to see the light. Stiles is not ready yet to out himself.

Young Derek wears a similarly plaid shirt as Stiles does today. Is this a coincidence?

Peter is like Iago in Othello. He lies. He plays his games. You never know what is he is up to.

Deaton told Derek not to listen to Peter.

At the end we see Derek at the one place he can remember Paige. The shut down distillery.

Stiles wears blue and rose. Derek wears a dark grey longshirt.

There are so many Sterek feelings here it´s unbelievable.