5. Venomous

Derek and his pack kidnap Jackson and force him to swallow snake poison to test if he is the kanima. Jackson passes the test.

In the aftermath of what has happened in the pool and afterwards Stiles´s judgment considering Derek is not the best. He is worried that Derek is going to kill Lydia because he thinks she is the kanima. Stiles is sure that it´s not Lydia. He has already seen Derek kill a person. He knows Derek can do it, knows Derek can kill even his own uncle when he thinks it's necessary.

Scott: "Derek is not gonna kill her without proof."

Derek sends Erica and Isaac to get Lydia. Stiles and Scott try to keep her safe. Lydia eats the poisoned crystal and is not affected. Derek watches this from outside the school.

Derek to Scott: "Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. Even Stiles calls her (Lydia) cold–blooded."

Hey! How did he know that? Did Stiles tell him about Lydia? Did Derek overhear Stiles saying this at school? Is his hearing that good? Does Derek creep on Stiles even more than we know? Did Stiles confess how he feels about Lydia while almost drowning, the subject might have come up in the two hours, as Lydia had still been waiting for Stiles or at least he would have thought she could have. Does that mean Derek values Stiles's opinion to bring his statement up as to why Lydia might be a dangerous lizard monster? Does Derek consider that Stiles is good and warm-hearted then?

Stiles and friends barricade themselves at Scott's house to protect Lydia. Derek and his pack show up in front of the house.

Stiles: "I got an idea. Just shoot one of them."
Allison: "Are you serious?"
Stiles: "We told Scott we could protect ourselves, so let´s do it. Or at least give it a shot, right?"
Allison: "Okay."
Stiles: "Look, they don't think we´re gonna fight, so if one of them gets hit, I guarantee they´ll take off. So just shoot one of them."
Allison: "Which one?"
Stiles: "Uh...Derek. Yeah, shoot him, preferably in the head."
Allison: "If Scott was able to catch an arrow, Derek definitely can."
Stiles: "Okay, uh, just shoot one of the other three then."

Stiles is cruel. He talks about the man he recently held above the water for two hours to keep him from dying.
Stiles is clever. He knows: Shoot the leader and the others will probably run. He has no desire to have harm done to Derek but Stiles doesn't fear for his life - no, he is nervous and scared for Lydia. He knows Derek is not a threat to him. He knows what Derek will do to get to Lydia and what he will do to stop him. Stiles´s decision is not about fear or hate. Stiles just thinks practical.

Derek wears a black shirt and a grey/black jacket. Duh! Stiles wears a grey striped hoodie above a grey/black shirt.

Is the grey/black shirt Stiles wears the same one that he lent to Derek in 1/9, and Derek still wore in 1/10? Oh boy!