4. Unleashed

Stiles gets slapped. Derek gets tortured.

No Sterek. Mirror Moment: Derek scares Jennifer but she rambles on and stands her ground like Stiles did in episode 1/2 + 1/9.

In school Stiles rambles on that he is still a virgin and needs to have sex with someone right now. Does Derek overhear this? He was at the school this morning.

Derek throws Isaac out to protect his sister. Would he do the same to Stiles? I can´t imagine.

Derek wears a dark grey longshirt (which is ruined at the end). Later he wears a black shirt. Stiles wears a red jersey and a grey hoodie. Later he wears a blue/white plaid longshirt above a white shirt and grey pants. Jennifer wears a red jacket and a blue patterned dress.