8. Time of Death

Sterek? No. Rather hell would freeze over.

Stiles dreams about Malia. Derek sleeps with Braeden. Sorry, but don´t have both of you bigger problems at the moment? Like the death list!

Stiles can only find peace being the little spoon. He muses about his feelings for Malia. Do you finally figure out you´re with the wrong Hale? After having slept with Braeden Derek wakes up early and gets up instead of snuggling closer to Braeden. He can´t find any peace either. He doesn´t appear happy looking at the woman he just had sex with. Do you realize you´re with the wrong human?

Both, Jennifer and Braeden have slept with an injured Derek. What about that?

Oh, and it’s really sad that Derek’s storyline in this episode was all about: I have sex with a hot girl + My eyes have no color anymore.

Oops! Derek has lost every werewolf ability. I have the feeling he is slowly dying already. Nobody has to kill him.

Stiles and Chris Argent are great together! Lots of fun. Lots of chemistry. Lots of what we want to see. More of it, please.

Stiles: "Kids." Ha-ha!

Derek: "I don´t like guns."
Braeden: "That´s because you never learned to use one."
Derek: "Or because I´ve been shot - repeatedly." Right!

Stiles and Derek’s ex Kate Argent. Ooh! More of that, too, please.

Kate: “Get out of the way, Stiles. I’m taking the body.”
Stiles: “Why? Just for confirmation?”
Kate: “Don’t worry, handsome. I’m not the benefactor.”

Hey! Kate calls Stiles by the same pet name as Derek.

Stiles doesn´t run but he doesn´t want to stay either. Chris talks Kate into backing off because she´s on the list, too.

Malia comes to Stiles and puts the third list on his board. She leaves. Stiles stares at the list with Derek´s name on top. Cut to Derek, just opening his eyes.

Stiles has barely something to do in this episode. Derek is simply OOC. For the first time I have the feeling to see more of Tyler than Derek.

Stiles wears a green/white/brown plaid long shirt. Dreaming about Malia he wears a dark shirt which he stills wears under the long shirt during the day. Malia wears a similar plaid long shirt as Stiles. *eyeroll* Since when did she wear one of those? Derek wears a white undershirt or a grey/blue shirt but mostly he is bare-chested. Duh! Here we go again.