1. Tattoo

4 months have passed. Jackson moved to London. The alpha pack makes a move. An unknown girl saves Isaac. Allison and Scott act awkward around each other. Stiles is still into Lydia and Derek. *snorts*

Scott gets a tattoo. Stiles faints watching, because of the needle. Kind of cute. The new tattoo vanishes shortly after because Scott is a werewolf and healed. Life is a bitch, huh? Stiles: "Thank God. I hated it." LOL!

Stiles: "You wanna ask Derek for help? Why? Why?" Isn´t it sweet how bitchy and whiny he sounds mentioning Derek?
Scott: "Because he´s got the triskele tattoo on his back. So there has to be a way to do it without healing, right?"
Stiles: "Yeah, but, still, doesn´t he have his hands a little full?" (pointing at the missing pictures of Boyd and Erica) In other words, Stiles tells his best friend: Hey, back off, Derek has more important things to think of than your stupid tattoo. *Aw*

The new teacher Jennifer Blake introduces herself to the class, wearing a white blouse with black dots. Stiles barely takes notice of her. A flock of birds break through the window and attack the pupils and Miss Blake. Are they coming for you, Jennifer? Stiles guards Lydia with his body.

At the hospital Scott attacks the werewolf Ennis, who tries to kidnap the sedated Isaac. They fight in an elevator. Scott is losing. And then there is Derek, hurling Ennis down the corridor, saving Scott.

Ennis: "I´m an Alpha."
Derek: "So am I." - "Aren´t you supposed to be in school?" (to Scott). A very classy and cool entrance. I give you that, Derek. You still like to show off a little, huh?

At school Stiles picks a feather out of Miss Blake´s hair. She flinches back from him, doesn´t like to be touched by him, even when she realized it´s just him.

Scott and Stiles are on the phone. Who called who? Stiles tells Scott about the serious situation at school. Scott wants Stiles to meet him at Derek´s house where he and Derek had brought the unconscious Isaac. Why did he need Stiles to be there? Is he afraid handling this alone? Does he need his best friend´s support?

Scott: "Meet me at Derek´s."
Stiles: "Derek´s house? What-What the hell are you doing-?"
Scott: "Just meet us here, okay?"

And of course Stiles rushes to Derek´s house, not knowing why and what for. Just saying.

Derek doesn´t live here anymore. The county took the house over. But he needs some stuff here to heal Isaac. On the inside he´s still wounded, because it was an Alpha who injured him. Derek says he owes Scott. Scott asks him for the favor to make the tattoo a keeper.

Derek sees Scott´s tattoo with his red Alpha eyes. Stiles is standing close by. It´s the first time he is inside of Derek´s burnt down home.

Derek: "Why´s this so important to you?" Oh my God! See the way Stiles Stilinski is looking at Derek asking Scott this, like he sees the most amazing creature ever, after he hasn´t seen him for the whole summer, thinking, Why are you so important to me? I know that kind of look. I had that look all the time seeing the love of my life.

Scott: "Do you know what the word tattoo means?"
Stiles: "To mark something."
Derek looks at him. Stiles winks at him, showing off with knowledge he only learned a day ago. And then he grins like the happiest little boy getting candy. Oh dear. Who´s the show-off now? Can you be any more obvious that you like to impress the big, bad wolf?
Scott knows more about tattoos. Stiles is baffled. And Derek? He certainly notices Stiles. He´s still looking at Stiles while Scott is already talking for about 7 seconds. Well. Kind of rude, Derek. It seems you like looking at Stiles as much as he likes looking at you.

A Tattoo = to mark something + an open wound

Derek wants to use a blow torch to brand in Scott´s tattoo
Derek: "Pain´s gonna be worse than anything you´ve ever felt."
Stiles: "Ah. That´s great. Oh. Wow. That´s a lot for me. So I´m gonna take that as my cue. I´m just gonna wait outside."
He starts to walk away. Derek beats his hand against Stiles´s chest and holds him back.
Derek: "Nope. You help hold him down."
Stiles cries out. Derek shoves him backwards. Adjusting his shirt Stiles shuffles back, flashing Derek a glance. Is he pouting? Is he mad? Is he ashamed? Derek returns the look seriously. Did he mark Stiles by touching the spot right above his heart? Did he use a bit of claws? Is that why Stiles cried out or was it just out of surprise? Maybe Stiles likes to make a big thing out of everything that happens with Derek. Stiles grabs Scott by the shoulders. Derek looks at him again. So. He expects the human boy to hold down a werewolf who will suffer excruciating pain. Wow. That´s truly some trust Derek puts into Stiles, is it? "Hold him," Derek says softly and Stiles does.

Due to the pain Scott falls unconscious. When he comes out of it Derek and Stiles stand next to each other. Derek has his arms crossed before his chest. Stiles looks a little freaked out. How long was Scott out? What did they do in the alone time? Did they talk at all? Did they just stand there shrouded in silence the whole time? Did they make out a little? How awkward must this has been for both of them? Oh God. I really like to know.

Stiles and Scott are both ready to leave. Derek watches Stiles from behind without Stiles noticing. Scott sees that Derek had painted his door. He claws the paint off and reveals the sign of the alpha pack. Stiles watches this stunned in unusual silence, like he is torn between his best friend and the man who he would like to trust more than anyone. Exposed Derek tells them what he knows about the rival pack. Derek and Stiles exchange a lot of strange looks during this confession like they share some secret only they know about. Stiles looks like he´s shocked that Derek is in trouble again. Derek looks like he cares a lot about what Stiles is thinking about all this. He also looks like he fears for Stiles´s safety. He´s only human after all. Honestly. Derek looks deeply concerned thinking Stiles could become a target to the pack.

Scott: "How many are they?"
Derek: "A pack of them." - "An alpha pack."
Stiles: "All of them? How does that even work?"
Derek: "I hear there is some kind of a leader. He´s called Deucalion." - "We know they have Boyd and Erica. Peter, Isaac and I have been looking for them for the last four months."
Scott: "So you find them. How do you deal with an alpha pack?"
Derek: "With all the help I can get."

Oh. Derek is asking for help. Stiles looks at Scott. Scott looks at Stiles. Derek looks at Stiles, too. And Stiles, again not talking, agrees with a slight movement of his eyes. Aw!

Isaac: "Where is she? Where is the girl?"
Derek looks at Stiles. No. He is not a girl, Derek. So what do you mean by looking at Stiles right now? Huh?
Derek moves his attention back to Isaac.
Derek: "What girl?
And now Stiles watches Derek. No, Stiles. Derek is not the girl. So what? Seriously?

Deucalion plans to make Derek kill Scott to get rid of him. Yeah, good luck with that, considering Scott is the best friend of Stiles. No way, Derek will do that. No fucking way.

Awkwardness. Yes. Hate? Nope! They mostly communicate without using words. They tease each other like they have missed that special treat all summer. They kind of test if the water is still warm and safe.

Derek wears a dark blue longshirt. Stiles wears a purple plaid longshirt over a blue shirt. In school he wears a grey/white/black/green (partly the same colors as Jennifer) plaid longshirt over a green shirt.