14. The Sword and the Spirit

Stiles. I wanna see Stiles now that Derek is gone. 4 Minutes! Shit. Come on!

Stiles, Scott and Kira come to the hospital to discuss the bodies Chris had found in the tunnels with the sheriff.

Theo and Malia. Fucking hell! Is this hot! Cody and Shelly have fucking chemistry.
Malia: "Why should I trust you?"
Theo: "You shouldn´t. But you will." Yeah, well. Not the first girl on Earth who made that mistake.
The way Theo looks at Malia and touches her makes clear he wants her, no matter that he uses her and betrays her. He still wants her.

Stiles and Scott at school. Armed officers are everywhere to protect the kids. About time if I may say.

Malia wakes up in restraints. It´s for safety because she has to go through a lot of pain to experience the visions to find her mother and Deaton. Afterwards Theo frees her and kneels down at her side. He put a hand on her back. I think.

Braeden doesn´t want Theo to come along. She wants to kill him.
Braeden: "He tried to kill Scott." Sorry, but since when do you care?
Theo: "Technically I did kill Scott." Sorry, but this is hilarious!
Malia persuades her to take Theo along.

Stiles at Eichen House holding Lydia´s hand trying to wake her up. He sees what they did to Lydia´s head and freaks. Lydia´s mom comes in and forces him to leave. I hate the way the writers treat her character. So unreal. A mother like her would never act that way or let this happen to her kid.

Malia scents something is wrong. Too late. Theo betrays her and shoots her in the stomach, though he feels regret. He had no choice he says. Oops! That´s one fucked up love/hate ship. *snorts* Really. Derek is a choirboy compared to Theo. He just hit Stiles. Twice. Plus he smashed him into the wall, which was hottest thing ever on TW. We all know that. Still. I like Malia and Theo. They have what other ships are missing. FUCKING CHEMISTRY!!!

Parrish: "This guy is your father?" (Gerard)
Chris: "Wasn´t my choice." LOL! I love you.

Malia gets her name from Talia, Derek´s mother, not her own mother.

Deaton is back. Yeah! The question is for how long.

Stiles and the pack assemble to make a plan to get Lydia out of Eichen House.

Stiles wears a dark shirt with red seams.