7. Strange Frequencies

Sterek. No. Just... But no. Not going there.

Stiles attacks Theo and pushes him against a fence. Theo turns them around and pushes Stiles against the fence. They argue about what happened to Donovan. Stiles lets go of Theo. Okay. That looks so familiar. Still. Stiles is in charge. He attacks Theo though he knows the werewolf is stronger. When Stiles realizes how close they are he lets go of Theo first. Stiles = Derek.

They finally decide to take the body with them.

Theo: "I don´t gonna ask you to lie to your dad."
Stiles: "Don´t worry. I have plenty of practice." Yeah. That´s true

Stiles and Theo show Scott the dead body. He knows the guy as Josh. They don´t tell Scott about Donovan, though. Scott gets a call from Liam and they rush off to help him with Hayden, who is a chimera.

Kira´s fox is out of control. She almost kills her mother.

Stiles and Theo sit in the Jeep watching the animal clinic to find out who steals the dead bodies.

Theo: "You wanna take shifts watching?"
Stiles: "No, no. I wanna spend some quality time with you." LOL!
Theo: "Sounds good to me."

Stiles and Theo continue to argue. Theo tells Stiles about his sister to win him over. Stiles is not happy about it. Theo says he found her body. He couldn´t save her. Flashback: Theo´s sister was still alive when Theo found her and he let her die.

Okay. It´s fun to watch them. Still, there is a big difference. Stiles hates Theo. He doesn´t trust him. He doesn´t want to trust him. He never talked to Derek like this. He wanted Derek to trust him and he wanted to touch Derek. He enjoyed the banter. He doesn´t enjoy the banter here. He is annoyed. He will never ever be invested in Theo. He is as cold as ice. With Derek he was cheeky. He smiled at Derek. He looked at him constantly. He licked his lips. He doesn´t do any of those things here. Yeah. So. Not like Sterek by far.

Theo: "So what´s the punishment for killing a chimera?"
Stiles: "To spend five hours in the car with Theo Raeken." OMG! Stiles turns into Derek. Hilarious!

Stiles fears his punishment is to lose his best friend, to lose Scott.

Parrish has visions of him and Lydia making out. She´s his queen. Yeah, well. We all know who Stiles´s king is, right? Lydia burns up and is still kissing him with her flesh turning black.

All of our friends have terrible visions.

Theo says that his eyes are still yellow prove that he never killed an innocent. Stiles thinks it has something to do with feeling guilty. Oh. Well. Maybe. But that means that Peter was feeling guilty, too. Not so bad after all, huh? Stiles admits that the moment he killed Donovan he was feeling good about it. Okay. Who wouldn´t? The guy was trying to kill you. Theo smiles.

Parrish attacks the Jeep. He smashes a burning fist into Theo and his blood spills all over Stiles´s face. He flips the Jeep over with Stiles in it. Stiles is unconscious. The Jeep starts burning.

Theo saves Stiles. No. Fuck! Not that guy. I´ve wanted Derek to come back for this. Theo says the body of Josh is gone. That´s the second time Theo saves Stiles. So what? I don´t care. It´s not as magical as Sterek and never will be. Enough said.

Liam and Hayden are taken by the doctors.

In the beginning Stiles wears his red hoodie. In the car with Theo he wears a grey longshirt.