12. Smoke & Mirrors

STEREK! *throws confetti* or is it a fit?

Derek hates to be feeling helpless. Derek thinks he is not coming back alive. Derek says he is okay with dying if he can save Scott and Kira. Oh my God. Is this because he doesn´t want to live like a human? Is he so unhappy? Is he so done?

Stiles: "How did you get a prison transport van?"
Braeden: "I´m a U.S. Marshall."
Stiles: "Yeah, I just thought that was just a cover."

*bitch-moment* I donít think they like each other much. *smirk*

Derek: ďWe´re really bringing him?Ē pointing at Liam
Stiles: ďWe´re really bringing him?Ē pointing at Peter

LOL! They have just arrived and get already started on their usual banter. Oh boy! Do they love each other. And what about that "WE", huh?

Stiles doesnít want to leave without Lydia. God bless you, boy.

Peter wants to go without Stiles. Liam offers to call his friend Mason to look for Lydia. But it is only after Derek raises his eyebrows at Stiles that Stiles decides to come along without Lydia. What about that, huh?

Stiles tells Malia he wants to ride with Derek and Liam in the back of the van to take care of Liam. He asks his girlfriend to ride with her evil dad. Way to go, boy. Iím glad Iím not your girlfriend. That implies that Stiles chooses Derek and not Malia. Duh!

Braeden is not happy that she has to drive the car. She always looks back to the three guys. Is she jealous about Derek and Stiles being so close? Is that the reason why she doesn´t like Stiles? Does she see him as a threat to her affair with Derek? Did Derek say something about Stiles (maybe even in his sleep), because I don´t get why Braeden doesn´t like Stiles. He never did anything to her. She barely knows him.

Derek handcuffs Liam. He then shows and gives Liam the triskelis symbol.

Derek: "I brought something to help you. This has been with my family for centuries. It´s a very powerful, supernatural talisman. We use it to teach betas how to control themselves during the full moon."
Stiles: "Yes. It´s powerful." He clears his throat. "It´s very powerful."

Derek lies about the symbol´s power. Stiles looks at Derek. He knows that Derek lies. Derek looks at Stiles. Help me. Say something. Stiles keeps quiet. Derek makes a jerking head movement towards Liam. Come on! Iím counting on you. Stiles confirms Derekís story, meaning he lies, too.

Who told Stiles that the symbol is powerless? Derek? Peter? Chris? No fucking way that it was Kate. Is this one more of the many secrets Derek and Stiles share without anyone else knowing?

Derek: "Okay, look at the triskelion. See the symbol? I have a tattoo on my back. It´s the same thing. Each spiral means something."
Stiles: "Alpha, Beta, Omega."

Derek: "Betas can became Alphas."
Stiles: "Alphas can become Betas." You do know that, huh?

Derek tries to teach Liam his mantra to learn control. Stiles knows that the spirals mean Alpha, Beta, Omega to Derek. Stiles finishes Derek´s sentences. Aw! Stiles puts his feet on the bench close to Derek like he feels safer that way.

Liam keeps repeating the words but it´s not working. Liam shifts. Stiles shies away from him.

Stiles: "Oh. Derek, I don´t think that powerful talisman of self-control is working."

Liam breaks free. Derek looks at Stiles. Liam unsheathes his claws. Derek catches Liam´s hands and keeps hold of them. Liam aims for his throat.

Yeah, even now that Derek is human and has no powers, he still does everything to keep Liam from hurting Stiles. Derek would rather choose to get hurt himself in the process of protecting Stiles than to let come any harm to Stiles.

Stiles sees that Derek is in danger to get torn apart and killed by Liam.

Stiles: "I don´t think Alpha, Beta, Omega is resonating with him."
Derek: "Do you know any other mantras?"
Stiles: "Yeah, I do."

Derek asks for Stilesís help. Stiles saves Derek by teaching Liam the mantra of the sun, the moon, and the truth, the three things that cannot long be hidden. Liam calms down. Relieved Stiles pats Derekís right shoulder. Oh god, touching. I love them touching.

By the way, Stiles touches the same shoulder as in 3x11, the last time Stiles and Derek shared an intense moment. (3x22, Stiles was possessed by the nogitsune, 3x24 Derek dreamed about him, 4x1 + 4x2, Derek was de-aged, 4x6 + 4x11, they didn´t touch.) Just saying.

It´s really obvious here that Stiles is Derek´s anchor!

They arrive at the church.

Liam: "For a minute there I thought I would tear the two of you apart." No. Nobody is able to tear them apart. Nobody.
Stiles: "Yeah, that would have made for an awkward ride home, so, thanks."
Derek just nods his agreement. God! This is so cute!

Liam proves to Derek that he has control now and unsheathes his claws.

"I wouldnít mind actually being able to do this," Stiles says. And then he looks at Derek. Derek looks back.

Wow! What does that even mean? Stiles wants to be a werewolf after all? He wants Derek to be the one who gives him the bite? Well, but Stiles knows that Derek is no Alpha, so he canít do it anyway, right? Seriously! What was that about?

Derek gets out of the van. He is immediately attacked by a Berserker. Derek has not a chance and is seriously hurt. Stiles jumps out of the van and wants to run to Derek, but Braeden gets there first. Cockblocking much, girl? I like you, but you made me really sad here. Stiles looks frantic with fear.

Derek groans in pain. He is bleeding heavily. Stiles keeps staring at Derek, frozen.
"How bad is it?" Peter asks, looking devastated. Ha! One more proof that Peter loves Derek.
"Iím fine, I´m fine," Derek lies, convulsing with pain. "Just get to Scott." Yeah, right! That´s typical Derek. "Just find him," Derek says. "I´ll be right behind you. Go."
Stiles is still frozen to the point where he´s standing, staring at Derek.
"Go!" Derek shouts.
Peter does. Liam and Malia follow him.
Stiles notices them leaving but he stays behind, still staring at Derek.
Derek looks at Stiles. "Hey. Hey. Save him," Derek says.
Only now Stiles turns around, slowly walking away.
Derek groans in pain. "IÖ"
Stiles stops and turns back to look at Derek once more. He pauses, staring, looking devastated. Finally he turns around and follows the others.
In the whole time Stiles didn´t say one word or make a sound. The boy who is famous for always having something witty to say turned into a mute here. He. had. nothing. to. say. Not one fucking thing.

OH MY GOD! Iím dead! Stiles didnít want to leave Derek, even for his brother Scott. Derek knows that and tells him to go. If he hadn´t done that Stiles wouldn´t have left him. Derek didn´t want Stiles to watch him die. OH MY GOD! Sterek feels all around.

Maybe Derek sent Stiles away because he didn´t want Stiles to watch him die, or maybe he even wanted to die and knew Stiles is the one keeping him alive, so he told Stiles to go.

Derek dies but comes back, evolved into a real wolf. He is also back as a Beta, having regained his blue eyes.

This is a mirror scene to the moment in 2x12. Stiles is about to comfort Lydia but then Jackson is reborn as a beta werewolf with blue eyes. Lydia declares her love for Jackson. Stiles cries. He realizes that Lydia loves Jackson.

Check also against how Stiles threatens to drag Derek´s little werewolf ass out into the middle of the road and leave him for dead in 1x4. Just saying!

Liam, not Stiles, saves Scott by saying one fucking sentence. Lame!

In the last scene at the church Stiles doesn´t stare at Chris and the hunters leaving, even we see them in the next cut, but the angle is all wrong. Stiles stares at Derek, being alive. He stares so much that even Scott notices and looks at him questioningly. What´s up, bro? Why do you smell so strange?

Stiles and Derek care deeply for each other. Stiles and Derek love each other. Stiles and Derek are the sun and the moon.


Stiles wears a red shirt. The same shirt he only wore in 4/1 this season, finding Derek. Derek wears a purple shirt and a black leather jacket - back to black, huh? Reborn he wears a blue shirt. Blue is just pretty, right?