17. Silverfinger

No Sterek. Sterek? What is Sterek? I don’t even know anymore. Long time, no see. HA HA

Scott says to Kira that all of his friends are werewolves. Hello! Stiles is not!

Stiles wants to show Scott his writing on the blackboard and the key but both things are gone.

Melissa notices that Stiles is looking really bad and takes care of him. She gives him a sedative so he can sleep. Drifting off he mumbles: "Thanks, Mom." Heartbreaking.

Melissa reads some old files and figures out that Stiles has the same symptoms as his mother Claudia before she died. OH MY GOD!

Derek really likes to make an entrance. So? He always enjoyed showing off a little.

Derek was following Scott all day. Oh. Creeper wolf. I guess Scott now thinks about what he did all day. LOL! Where were your werewolf senses, Scott? In your pants?

The shadow demons are unstoppable. You can only endure them. Oh, Derek. Who is the best to endure something? You, I think.

Derek is clever. “She is a Kitsune, idiot. Use your eyes. You can see it all around her. They always give off an aura. She doesn’t know how to conceal it yet. She probably doesn’t know what kind she is either.”

Okay. Now I ask myself: Is that what Derek saw around Stiles in season 1, episode 2, talking to Stiles in the police car? His aura?

Derek is cool. “I’m sure you kill for him. (Scott) Are you willing to die for him?” Who are you willing to die for, huh?

Derek waits for Scott’s decision. His Alpha. *snorts*

Stiles wakes up at the hospital and is all alone.

I cried then. Where is his dad? Where are his friends? Where is Lydia? Where is everybody? Nobody is watching out for the boy who always helps and saves the others. What is wrong with you, people?


The shadow demons don’t stand a chance against Stiles - possessed by the dark spirit. BAD ASS STILES! WOW! Cool and sad at the same time.

Stiles plays Scott for a fool. Can he play Derek that easy, too?

No Sterek. But oh my God, Stiles. My poor boy. What now?

I hope Derek will save you. I hope he won’t die saving you.

Stiles wears the same red/grey colored hoodie as in 3/5 and 3/6 above a dark blue shirt. Derek wears a dark green (or blue or grey) long shirt.