2. Shape Shifted

Derek and Stiles kind of flirt. Scott and Derek are sort of bros.

Scott: "Why would Derek choose Isaac?"
Stiles: "Peter told me that if the bite doesn't turn you it could kill you. And maybe teenagers have a better chance of surviving."

Stiles may still want Derek as far away from him as possible because of complicated reasons, but the first thing he thinks of is Derek trying to turn people with the least amount of collateral damage. Stiles thinks of Derek as an anti-hero who is a jerk, but he doesn't want people to die.

Stiles: "Okay, now the keys to every cell are in a password protected lockbox in my father's office. The problem is getting past the front desk."
Derek: "I'll distract her."
Stiles: "Whoa, whoa, whoa–you? You're not going in there. I'm taking my hand off."
Derek: "I was exonerated."
Stiles: "You're still a person of interest."
Derek: "An innocent person."
Stiles: "An–you? Yeah, right! Okay, fine. What's your plan?"
Derek: "To distract her."
Stiles: "Uh–huh. How? By punching her in the face? Unh."
Derek: "Heh, by talking to her."
Stiles: "Okay, all right. Give me a sample. What are you gonna open with? Dead silence. That should work beautifully. Any other ideas?"
Derek: "I'm thinking about punching you in the face."

So Stiles and Derek are sitting in a car, flirting. Derek's a bit of an asshole, but he only intimidates with words. This may also be the first time that we see Stiles insinuate that Derek is a failwolf - the exchange about talking to the deputy is basically Stiles doubting Derek's ability to manage a simple social situation. There is no real fear in Stiles here and I think it's obvious that Stiles hasn't considered Derek a real threat for a while. An asshole, maybe, a problem, certainly, but someone who you can make plans with and sit in a car with and annoy the hell out of without fearing retribution. The body language/looks they share show how familiar they are with each other - enough for Stiles to touch Derek and keep touching him and for Derek to wait for Stiles to remove his hand, without flinching or interfering. No. Stiles sneers at Derek and Derek huffs some kind of a laugh. The look Derek gives Stiles and Stiles' hand is not aggressive, it's a What are you doing? kind of look. Stiles removes his hand and looks awkward like there are things going through his head which have nothing to do with fear. When Derek says he is thinking about punching Stiles in the face, Stiles looks rather miffed than afraid.

Stiles will put his hand on Derek´s shoulder again in 3/7 and that will turn out totally different.

Derek is distracting the deputy by smiling at her, saying Hi, and using a simple line that shouldn't work but totally does because Derek is hot. So it is. A handsome man can say whatever he wants. It doesn´t matter. Not really. Watching this Stiles looks kind of frustrated, almost a little bit angry. He could be angry that Derek doesn't even have to try because he's so damn hot girls just fall into his lap. He also could be jealous of Derek's face or jealous in general because Derek never looks at him like this. Not that Derek looks happy here. He is not himself but only pretending. At least Stiles can take pride in dealing with the genuine Derek.

Stiles: "How did you do that?"
Derek: "I'm the Alpha."

Derek saves Stiles from Isaac wolfing out. It's just a thing he does. Roaring Isaac into submission is probably better than using physical force, but it is also a display of dominance. You know, the show-off factor. And it works. Stiles has always been fascinated with werewolf-related things and trivia, but this little moment is more than that. Stiles looks like all his fascination is currently below the belt. He's impressed, for once, and maybe it's payback for the whole failwolf thing earlier. Derek did something cool, and Stiles is awed. Derek on the other hand enjoys Stiles´s admiration very much.

Stiles stays behind to talk to this father and the police. Isn´t he a good friend? He will do that again in 3/11.

Stiles wears a red/blue plaid over a purple shirt plus red sneakers. Derek wears his black leather jacket over a khaki shirt.