6. Required Reading

No Derek. No Sterek. No fun. Okay. Not quite.

Stiles, Malia and the sheriff discuss the latest events. Seeing Donovan´s picture on the board Stiles feels awfully guilty. The sheriff notices his unusual condition. "You´re uncharacteristically quiet." Duh! That´s always a sure sign something is wrong with your boy, isn´t it?

Lydia and Parrish train together. Sexy!

Malia notices that Stiles is constantly rubbing his shoulder. (Donovan´s bite wound!) He lies to her while she listens to his heartbeat. He tries to keep his heartbeat steady. Theo eaves-drops to both of them. Stiles changes the subject talking about her flashback of the accident. And now Malia lies to Stiles, too. That´s some great relationship. I think Derek would notice instantly that Stiles is hiding something from him.

Liam and Hayden. Soccer/Lacrosse competition fun. Funny. Been there. Done that. It´s a good memory.

Malia and Theo. Hey! The most unpopular girl in fandom has so much chemistry and sexual tension with the new boy it´s a miracle. Seriously hot. I definitely like them together. Keep it up!

Scott really trusts anyone to quote Stiles. Well. Not that clever, is it?

At the hospital Stiles sees a woman in the elevator. He follows her up to the roof. It´s his mom. It´s a memory. Stiles´s mom thought Stiles was out to kill her at the age of 10 because she was suffering from dementia. The sheriff tried to make her realize that her belief is not true. She tore herself free of his grip and attacked her son, beating him. Stiles screamed. Good Lord! That´s some horrible trauma to ruin your life forever. No wonder Stiles is somehow damaged. Maybe that´s why he could relate to Derek´s trauma.

The memory of Stiles´s mom changes into a chimera attacking Stiles. Wolfed out Theo jumps in and fights the chimera. Theo rips the chimera´s throat out. Though not with his teeth. He begs Stiles not to tell anyone because he´d never told anyone about what Stiles had done to Donovan. Oops!

Okay. I admit I´m curious where this is going. That Theo´s eyes are still yellow after he killed the boy is not as surprising to me as that his eyes were yellow from the beginning. That means he had never killed an innocent so far, right? Yet turned into a full wolf his eyes are blue. That´s the riddle. WTF is going on?

Stiles wears a green hoodie. At the attack he wears a bloody red hoodie. Lydia wears the same colors. Stealing from Sterek again, huh? *rolls eyes*