10. Riders on the Storm

No Sterek. A bit of Maleo. A lot of... No. I won't go there. I won't suffer anymore.

Stiles hears Lydia's voice, then his dad is here, they hug, then Noah holds the ghost riders off, and Stiles goes towards light. The portal. Stiles wakes up in Beacon Hills, but not in Lydia's arms but in his Jeep. Yeah, right! That's his true love. LOL!

Stiles runs into Scott, hug, Liam, hug, and then they go fighting the Nazi werewolf and the ghost riders.

Stiles was gone for two months.

Malia and Lydia find Peter at the train station. Malia calls him dad to wake him up. He fights for the two girls.

Stiles kisses Derek. Okay. No. I made that up, but a girl can dream, right?

Melissa kisses Chris. No. I don't made that up. They do. Curious, huh? Kind of hot, though. Hotter than most of the kisses on this show.

The impersonation of Claudia Stilinski tries to kill Stiles. Noah and Lydia save him together.

Theo, (who is back in town, and surprisingly Malia didn´t kill him yet), Malia, Peter and Scott fight the Nazi werewolf, and he turns into a ghost rider. Wtf? So much on this show makes no sense. The ghost riders go away and the people who have vanished are back in town.

Stiles gives his bat to Mason and his Jeep to Scott. Why for god´s sake? Why the Jeep? That is not right.

Stiles and Scott drive off to college. Scott to UC Davis, Davis, California. Stiles to George Washington University, Washington DC, with a pre FBI program. Lydia to MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, starting as a junior.

I hope with all my heart that Stiles never comes back but goes looking for Derek instead. That would make me happy.

Stiles's given name is Mieczyslaw = glorious swordfighter. His mom called him Mischief.

Reappearing Stiles wears the same plaid red and brown long shirt over a black shirt. Obviously. Leaving Beacon Hills Stiles wears a grey hoodie with stripes over a purple shirt.