18. Riddled

They are never in the same room together but there is some pretty strong subtext Sterek here. Yeah! Drowning shippers are clutching at straws.

Stiles finds himself at a dark place. He is hurt and cold. He calls Scott for help. Scott is desperate to find him. He calls Derek for help. YAY! Go Derek!

Derek: "He´s not here. Not anymore. Gone."

On the roof of the hospital Derek recognizes Stiles´s scent after he hasn´t seen him for months. Wow! Derek also can sniff Stiles´s anxiety and that he struggled with himself. Oh my God! So far this is the most romantic canon Sterek thing ever.

Derek heads to the high school.

Melissa and her ex-husband McCall find Stiles at the coyote cave. NO! I wanted Derek to find him. *pouts* Stiles is still asleep, having a nightmare. He wakes up, screaming.
So? Why is Stiles seaking out a place like the coyote cave? Because of Malia? Because of the Hale scent, which is because of Derek/Peter/Cora pretty familiar to him? Is Stiles seaking comfort with the Hale scent, even though he is unconscious/sleeping? Check against Derek and the twins hiding in that cave in 3x23.

Aiden tells Derek that he overheard Stiles telling Scott that he was the one writing the message to kill Kira.

Derek: "You think Stiles - skinny, defenseless Stiles, is the nogitsune? A powerful, dark spirit."
Aiden: "I´m not the only one thinking it, I´m just the only one saying it."
Derek: "This thing wants to possess someone and it chooses Stiles? Why not take someone bigger, stronger - You know, someone with a little more...power."

Derek refers to Stiles as skinny and defenseless to make Aiden understand how ridiculous his assumption is. He makes Aiden doubt his theory. Derek knows exactly how brave and daring that skinny boy is. He doesn´t want to think that Stiles could be the one possessed. He doesn´t want to think that he has to hurt or even kill Stiles. Not him. Not this boy. Not the one who saved him how many times? Not a chance. Derek would rather die himself.

Derek jumpstarts Stiles´s jeep. Derek also knows how much Stiles cares for his jeep. Aw!

Derek wants Kira to tell and show him everything that happened at the power station. Isn´t he cute? He wants to find out what happened to Stiles. He wants to save him. *Aw* again! I can´t breathe.

Kira: "What is that? Is that a baseball bat?"
Derek: "It´s Stiles´s bat."- "It´s magnetized."

Impressive considering that Derek had never seen this type of Stiles´s baseball bat. Or did he? Creeping much, Derek?

Stiles has the same terminal disease that his mother had. Scott offers him the bite just in case it comes to the worst. Well, Derek can´t do this. He isn´t an alpha anymore.

Kira is concerned that Scott doesn´t want her at the hospital because she was somehow responsible that the dark spirit jumped into Stiles. Derek: "You should probably wait here." *snorts* Isn´t he a sweet-talker?

Derek sits with Scott in the waiting room of the hospital. They are waiting for Stiles´s tests to be over. God, Derek! You are killing me with your love fondness for Stiles. He tells Scott about bringing Cora back to South America and the talk to his death mother. Talia told him something that changed his perspective on a lot of things. Oh? She told him that the Hale family always protected this town. Really? That was all? Why did you look so furious and confused then? What are you hiding? Scott figures out that Stiles was protecting them. "From himself," Derek adds. They go back to the roof and find out that Stiles damaged a power cable. The power supply fails.

The dark spirit controls Stiles again and in the chaos of the power failure he leaves the hospital.

First Stiles wears only his pajamas. Later he wears a light-blue hospital gown with dark lines. Possessed he wears a grey/red striped hoodie, red pants and grey shoes. Derek wears his black leather jacket about a purple shirt. Later he wears a grey shirt.