8. Raving

The Rave. Stiles is doing a magical thing. Derek saves Scott.

The sheriff: "One´s an incident. Two´s a coincidence."
Stiles: "Three´s a pattern."

Scott: "What´s he doing here?"
Derek: "I need him."
Scott: "I don´t trust him."
Isaac: "Yeah, well, he doesn´t trust you either."
Derek: "And Derek really doesn´t care."

LOL! Oh, Derek. The trust matter really bothers you, huh?

Stiles still hates Matt.

Deaton introduces Stiles to mountain ash powder, which protects against the supernatural, but it´s just powder until a spark ignites it. Stiles needs to be that spark. He has to believe to make the magic happen. Stiles looks very unbelieving.

The sheriff gets suspended/fired because of the things Stiles did.

Derek and Boyd fight the hunters who have a lot of guns. The werewolves have only their teeth and claws. Our big alpha Derek looks kind of stupid to come so unprepared.

Stiles puts out the mountain ash line but has not enough to close the circle. He closes his eyes and just believes. The magic happens. Stiles cheers.

Derek and Stiles meet in front of the building where the rave is going on. This is their first alone together time since the hours in the pool.

Stiles: "Hey, um, so we kind of lost Jackson inside, but it's oh, my God. It's working. Oh, this is I did something."

They are standing close to each other. They are comfortable being in each other's space. Stiles cheers because the mountain ash line works. Stiles is proud of himself and wants Derek to know about the awesome thing he just did, maybe even wants Derek to praise him. Because it matters what Derek thinks. They are physically, subconsciously comfortable with each other and Stiles is seeking validation. Derek looks perfectly perplexed and also slightly impressed.

Derek: "Scott?"
Stiles: "What?"
Derek: "Break it."
Stiles: "What? No way."
Derek: "Scott's dying!"
Stiles: "Okay, what? How do you know that?"
Derek: "Oh, my God, Stiles, I just know! Break it!"
Stiles: "Ah"

Derek hears Scott howling for help. Derek is visibly freaking out over Scott being hurt. Stiles can see Derek freaking out over Scott being in danger. Derek begs Stiles to break the line. He doesn´t gets pushy and intimidating, no, he is not doing anything but using words to get Stiles to do something for him. Stiles is already no longer intimidated by the big bad wolf, but he kneels down anyway and undid the magic with some regret but still he trusts Derek in that moment. He trusts that Derek will save Scott from dying. When Derek runs along he grips Stiles's shoulders in a move that's nothing but physical reassurance. This is huge. Why? Because there is no real reason for Derek to touch Stiles. So? Why did he? Did he touch Stiles to make himself feel better or even to make Stiles feel better? Stiles looks surprised (because of Derek´s touch) and sad (because he had to break the magic he had just created).

Allison´s mother stabs Derek in the back. Derek fights and bites her. Oh God! Not good. Really not good.

Stiles wears a blue/white plaid shirt and a black leather jacket. Wow! Is this the first time he wears such a piece of clothing? Because of Derek? Derek wears a dark grey/blue long shirt.

No evidence of hate during this touching moment.