5. Radio Silence

1000 % No Sterek. No Maleo. But Peter. Yeah! Peter Hale rocks!

Stiles finds himself in a creepy train station crowded with people waiting.

He bumps into Peter. He and Stiles look for a way to get out of here and beat the Ghost riders.

Peter: "Beacon Hills doesn´t have a train station." Oh, really? Why did Derek live in an abandoned railway car then? Where was that thing come from? Did it fall from heaven? - Season 2 Episode 1 - Omega.

Stiles and Peter are great together. Such awesome chemistry.

Not even Peter talks about Derek. Truly shameful, dear writers.

Peter can escape from the train station because he is a werewolf but is burnt horribly. OMG! Really? Burnt again. That´s tough. He delivers Scott and Lydia the keys to Stiles´s Jeep. Over the radio they are able to get in contact with Stiles. Suddenly they remember him.

Did Malia stay with Peter to comfort him? Is he dead? Is he back to ruin lives? *chuckles* I like Peter. He intrigues me.

Random things happening in Beacon Hills:

Stiles´s mom Claudia is alive.

The sheriff´s dad was called Stiles, too. He lives in a retirement home. He and the sheriff are not on good terms. No wonder. He beat the sheriff´s mom.

The sheriff´s given name is Noah. I like it. Honestly. John is too worn-out in the story world. Seriously. Every other character is called John or Jack. Boring.

Chris Argent is back and shares a lot of time with Melissa. Oh. Those two. I don´t know what to think about that. I know it comes out of nowhere. At that his daughter slept with her son. Just saying. Chris was badly wounded and Melissa holds his hand. Okay. Let´s wait and see if this is going anywhere.

Stiles wears the same plaid red and brown long shirt over a black shirt. Obviously.