11. A Promise to the Dead

Sterek. Oh yeah. They gift our two favorite boys to have 18 seconds in the same room together.

Derek and Braeden in bed. She is asleep. He is not. Why? Are you not happy? What are you thinking about or who? Something is definitely bothering you. On the other hand Braeden doesn´t seem to be bothered. Derek even sleeps with his pants on. Unromantic. Uncomfortable. Unbelievable!

The alarm in the loft goes off. Derek and Braeden jump to their guns ready to fight. The door opens. It´s Lydia. Screaming. Yeah, I feel the need to scream, too, seeing Derek with anyone else than Stiles.

Stiles in bed. Malia tries to make him get up. Stiles doesn´t want to. Is he dreaming? What or who about? And what is he mumbling? Malia looks at the board and then she kisses him. Stiles joins in. Ew! Please donít. I canít take it anymore.

Stiles already snores at 17. I pity the person who has to share his bed in 20 years.

Scott gives Derek his money back. Derek is not mad because it's all Peter's money. Derek's money is invested. He owns the whole building he's living in. And he has his own bank accounts. No. Derek is not that stupid to make himself financially dependent on Peter. He thinks it´s better the rest of the money never comes back. Right!

The sheriff calls Malia Stiles´s girlfriend. Oh, please, don´t call her that. It makes me completely unhappy. The good news is that Eichen House forgets about Stilinski´s debt to them because Stiles and Lydia were almost killed there.

Stiles is concerned about Scott being late to the Lacrosse game. Stiles still sucks at playing Lacrosse. Well. Why bother? Only Malia sits on the bench watching. Not Lydia. Not Derek. No one Stiles feels the need to impress anyway. ;)

Soon Stiles and the sheriff leave the game to look for Scott.

Stiles and the sheriff rush to Derek´s loft. Who called who? Derek turns around and moves towards Stiles coming in. So does Derek´s reflection in the mirror, moving out of the frame. Now Braeden blocks their way. Stiles looks at Derek, then briefly at Braeden, before he turns his attention on Derek again. Were you allowed to do this, Tyler and Dylan, huh? Or did Jeff Davis as soon as you started shout: Stop it, guys. Donít look like that. That´s way too hot and intense. *snorts*

Stiles: "What the hell happened?"
Derek: "It was supposed to be a date."
The sheriff: "They were both here?"
Braeden: "And they are both gone."

Braeden wears the most pissed expression ever. What´s the matter with you? What did Stiles ever do to you? Or did Derek mumble Stiles´s name in his sleep? Seriously, woman? That´s pure hate in your eyes. What´s going on?

Derek looks at Stiles, and he appears awkward, ashamed even. What the hell? Is it because he sees Stiles again after such a long time? Is it because of Braeden´s presence? Seriously? What is it?

Stiles and Derek stare at each other when Lydia calls Stiles on the phone. She and Deaton tell him that Scott was taken to Mexico. When Stiles gets the call he appears reluctant to take the call, because he wants to keep looking at Derek, savoring every second of their meeting. Duh! Don´t we all want that?

Stiles and Braeden wear both green. Not sure if this means anything, because a lot of stuff on TW never meant anything.

One more thing. Who told Kate were Scott and Kira were? There are only three options, right? Peter, Derek or Braeden.

Hate? No. Distance. Yeah. That´s how it feels, like they are back to be strangers around each other again, who meet for the first time.

At first Derek is bare-chested, then he wears a white shirt, and with Stiles he wears blue. In bed Stiles wears a white shirt with an imprint of the colors green, brown and orange, then he wears a black shirt, and with Derek he wears a green/black plaid longshirt.