9. Party Guessed

No Sterek. Stiles and Scott attend Lydia´s birthday party. Derek locks his wolves up because their first full moon is coming.

Derek doesn´t have a clue how to stop Jackson. He feels guilty because he was the one who turned him.

Derek: "Go home, Scott. Sleep. Heal. Make sure your friends are safe." By that you refer to Stiles, right?

The tattoo on Derek´s back means Alpha, Beta, Omega to him. A beta can rise to an alpha, but an alpha can also fall back to a beta or even an omega. Oh god. Foreshadowing.

Stiles doesn´t hate Mr. Harris. Mr. Harris hates him.

Stiles calls people who can get Lydia´s party really going. The drag queens he met at the gay club. Oh boy, you are so comfortable with those people.

Stiles thinks that the guy is always the one who has to apologize and that he is in love with a nutjob. Go figure!

Lydia poisons everyone with wolfsbane.

Derek says his anchor is anger. Really? Isn´t there anything else?

Stiles feels guilty because he thinks he is responsible that his mother died and that his father hates him for killing her.

Derek has to fight his pack because they lose control. Isaac finds his anchor and helps him.

Allison´s mother commits suicide because she doesn´t want to turn into a werewolf.

Lydia blows wolfsbane powder into Derek´s face. He falls down, unconscious.

Stiles and Scott figure out that Matt is the one who controls the kanima.

Lydia uses Derek´s alpha power to bring Peter back to life.

Derek wears a grey undershirt. Stiles wears a blue/grey hoodie above a grey shirt. At the party he wears a blue/white plaid shirt above an olive shirt.