2. Parasomnia

No Tyler. No Sterek. Got it?

Yet. Scott confronts Stiles about his trust issues. Stiles is pretty upset.

Scott: "You're not even going to try to at least give him the benefit of the doubt?"
Stiles: "I give people the benefit of the doubt. I've given a lot of benefit to a lot of people."
Scott: "Like Derek?"

Oh, dear. Stiles makes a face like he's in pain. He licks his lips. He looks sad, like he's kind of pissed but also grieving. Oh, Derek. Why did you leave? Seriously? How could you do that to him - again.

Scott: "Why can't you trust anyone?"
Stiles: "Because you trust everyone!"

Stiles screams and smashes his fist into the Jeep, hurting himself. Hey. Typical male reaction if they're hurting and can't express themselves. They hit something.

Scott remains calm and heals Stiles by touching his hand, using his werewolf powers. *aw* Still I'd have prefered Derek to do that.

Stiles: "Dad, this kid is a werewolf."
The sheriff: "Your best friend is a werewolf."
Yeah, and you´re also dating one and are in love with a different one. ;)

Stiles would have had 17 speeding tickets. His dad got him out of them.

Stiles doesn't believe Theo's story. His friends doesn't believe him. WTF? Are we really doing this again?

Stiles: "No. I did not break into the administration office." - "Okay, I might have broken into the administration office. Could we just focus?"

Stiles: "I don't need anyone!" Oh, boy. Derek, you really need to come back.

Stiles: "It's always better when they know." about werewolves - well, usually yes

Stiles knows that werewolves can scent emotions due to chemo signals. Liam scents Theo and says he's sad and grieving. Okay. But Liam stands very close to Stiles. Could it be that he scents Stiles's emotions instead of Theo's? Stiles appears to be pretty sad, also kind of grieving.

Stiles: "What do you want me to say? That I'm a stalker. That I'm crazy. Totally paranoid. None of that is new information." LOL!

The sheriff doesn't wear his wedding ring anymore. Oh.

I think Stiles misses Derek like crazy. Duh!

Stiles wears blue. Blue is just pretty, right?