19. Only Villains Survive

No Sterek. No Maleo. No Suspense. Bah.

Only one more episode to go. Thank god. I´m bored silly by this mess called TW.

Stiles comes into Scott's room and sees Kira kissing Scott. He looks envious (Why didn´t I kiss Derek? Why, for god´s sake?) of their intimacy. He closes the door. Malia and Braeden wait in the hallway.

Stiles: "What? What did I do?"
Braeden: "Tell him?"
Malia: "You know how my mother wants to kill me? I think she might wanna kill you too."
Stiles: "Okay. That´s disconcerting. I should probably have a gun."
Braeden: "I´m not giving you a gun."
Stiles: "You have a gun. The desert wolf who is trying to kill me has a gun. I think I should probably have a gun."
Braeden throws him a gun. Stiles fumbles with it and let it drop to the ground. Braeden glares at him.
Stiles: "I probably shouldn´t have a gun." LOL! NO!

Braeden still doesn´t like Stiles. Really? What is it, woman? Just spit it out.

Scott is healed. Pack meeting. They talk about how to save Mason.

Stiles and Lydia talk to the sheriff in his office. Nobody thinks it is a good idea to trust Theo. Duh!

Theo talks German. Omg! Terrible pronunciation. Practice please.

Lydia and Malia talk on the phone. Malia wants to keep Stiles safe. Huh? Since when do you want that? In the background Stiles runs into a door. "He´ll be fine," Lydia says. Ha-Ha! The desert wolf eavesdrops on the conversation.

Lydia and Stiles are still in the sheriff's office.

Stiles has fallen asleep. Lydia wakes him.
Stiles: "Um...what? What happened? Who´s dead?"
Lydia: "No one. At least not yet."

Melissa brings the solution why Mason was a target. He ate his twin in the womb. Well, to me who read THE DARK HALF by Stephen King years ago, that is no unknown matter.

By the way. Most of the episode is so dark you can barely see a thing. That's annoying.

First Stiles wears a green shirt and then he wears a red shirt.