10. The Overlooked

Sterek. A lot of Sterek. *gasp*

Jennifer, who was exposed to be the Darach, rushes to Derek´s loft to talk to him before the boys are able to tell him about her. He already waits for her. She hugs him and tries to persuade him that Scott and Stiles will tell him lies about her. She asks Derek to trust her. She kisses him. He doesn´t kiss her back. Now she figures that Stiles and Scott are already here. Derek appears alert and observant. Stiles has tears in his eyes.

Jennifer keeps lying, Derek knows. That´s my opinion.

Stiles: "Where´s my Dad?" He cries now.

Jennifer: "How should I know? Derek, tell me you don´t believe this."

Derek looks torn. He looks at Stiles and Scott. Why should these boys lie to him? There is Scott, who always tried to be good and help him. And there is Stiles, the one who held him above the water for two hours, saving his life, and comforted him after he was forced to kill Boyd, so, no way, right? How could Derek not trust them? Hey, but this is the woman he was making love to! But there is Stiles, a boy he never saw crying in front of him, not even in danger to be killed.

"Do you know what happened to Stiles´s father?" Derek asks Jennifer, clearly doubting her words.

Jennifer: "No."

Scott: "Ask her why she almost killed Lydia."

Jennifer: "Lydia Martin? I don´t know anything about that?"

Derek: "What do you know?" his tone a bit more hostile now

Jennifer tells Derek that the boys are crazy and they can´t prove anything. Scott uses mistletoe (given by Deaton) to show her real face. A second before she is hit, Derek takes a step back from her, unconsciously showing his distrust towards her. Jennifer´s true face is revealed and a shocked Derek attacks her immediately. Only because she is the only one who knows where Stiles´s father is and can save his sister Cora he lets her be - for now.

Jennifer smirks. "That´s right. You need me. All of you."

Furious, Derek looks at Stiles and Scott.

Jennifer and Derek in Derek´s car. Jennifer tries to explain herself.

"You should know, I´m not doing this because I have to. I want to. I could still run. And you wouldn´t have an easy time stopping me. And I don´t want your sister to die. I´m only doing what I had to do."

"Shut up."

"You need to know the whole story, Derek. You need to know just how connected we really are." Oh god. No. Please no.

"Stop. Talking." Derek won´t listen. He looks like he is bursting with despair and hate. He looks like he doesn´t know why he always made the wrong choices.

Stiles and Scott in Stiles´s car.

Stiles: "I don´t know. Something feels wrong about this. We proved it to Derek, but she still has this look, like it didn´t matter, you know, like this is all still going according to plan. You saw it, didn´t you?"

Scott doesn´t reply. He looks like What? No. What are you talking about?

They arrive at the hospital. Stiles takes a bat with him.

Scott: "What´s that?"

Stiles: "You got claws. I got a bat."

Together they hurry inside. Derek has Jennifer´s arm in his grip. Stiles is right behind them. In the hallway Scott talks to his mother. She notices Stiles has her bat. Scott asks her to trust them. They keep moving.

In the elevator Jennifer speaks up. "You don´t have to keep me on a leash, Derek. I´m going to help." Derek doesn´t even look at her. He keeps looking straight ahead. Jennifer turns around and notices the way Scott and Stiles look at her. She wrinkles her nose in disgust. Stiles appears to be ready to hit her over the head with the bat any second. He looks like Derek´s personal watchdog, ready to bite. *snorts* Jennifer grimaces.

On the next floor they run into Peter who is fighting the twins. Derek wolfs out and fights the twins. The twins strike him down. Duh! Scott joins in to help him. Stiles looks worried as he notices Cora lying on the floor behind Derek. He asks Peter for help. Jennifer flies. Stiles and Peter take care of Cora. What is it with Stiles and the Hale family, huh?

Derek, Stiles, Scott and Peter (with Cora over his shoulders) are on the run from the twins. "Don´t stop. Don´t stop!" Derek yells. Stiles stays behind anyway. "Stiles!" Derek yells and turns around immediately. *AW* Stiles hits the twins with his bat. The bat splinters apart into nothing. LOL! Derek and Scott knock out the twins with a trick. Good for you, Stiles.

The friends flee to a room. Stiles learns that Jennifer is gone. He freaks out.

Derek: "Quiet."
Stiles: "Me, be quiet? Me, huh? You´re telling me what to do now? When your psychotic, mass murdering girlfriend, the second one, you´ve dated, by the way, has gotten my dad somewhere tied up where he´ll be ritually sacrificed?"
Scott: "Stiles, they are still out there."
Stiles: "And they want her, right? Which means now we don´t have her, either. So my dad and Cora are both dead."
Scott: "Not yet."

Derek says not one word in the whole time Stiles is shouting right into his face. Does he ask himself how Stiles know about Kate? He glances briefly at Scott. Does he suspect that Scott had maybe learnt about Kate from Allison and it was him who told Stiles because he is his best friend? Or did Stiles figure out the truth himself investigating the Hale family? Well. Whatever. Stiles rages at Derek, and Derek does nothing against him, he just stands his ground and endures the attack silently. He knows Stiles is out of his mind because of what is happening to his father and can´t think straight right now. Derek emphasizes with Stiles.

That´s when Jennifer comes back. She wants to make a deal. If they help her to get to some place safe she will save Cora and tell them where Sheriff Stilinski is. Only then. The whole time she is talking, Stiles moves inch by inch closer to Derek. "Bitch!" Derek shouts and attacks Jennifer. Scott holds him back. Stiles asks Jennifer to show she is one of the good guys and heal Cora. Not until she is safe Jennifer says. Peter suggests to torture her. Derek agrees. Hey! He must be really hurt to agree with Peter, and even considers to torture his lover. Wow! That´s true love, really. *snorts*

They learn that Deucalion has Melissa under his thumb. Jennifer tells that Deucalion wants Scott in his pack. Peter figures out that Scott is the true Alpha. Yeah, Derek, what are you then, huh? Peter and Scott plan to distract the twins so that Stiles and Derek can get Cora and Jennifer out on the next ambulance that is coming in on the parking deck.

They look for a weapon to make Peter stronger so he has a chance against the twins. "Something better than a baseball bat," Peter quips. LOL!

Stiles picks up a defibrillator.
Stiles: "What about these?"
Derek: "You know how to use those?"
Stiles: "Um...no."
Derek: "Put them down."
Stiles does.

It´s heartwarming to see that after he shouted right into Derek´s face not that long ago, Stiles looks directly at Derek asking this, and Derek answers in a very calm and assuring voice, looking back at Stiles. No. They are not mad at each other at all. They are only furious with the situation they are in.

Peter and Scott fight the twins. Stiles, Derek (with Cora over his shoulders) and Jennifer run to the parking deck. On the run Jennifer touches Stiles´s elbow and Stiles almost touches Derek´s elbow. What about that? I wonder if this is coincidence or on purpose. Stiles and Derek put Cora on the stretcher in the ambulance. Jennifer calls for Derek. Stiles touches Derek lightly on the right arm. Derek looks at him, puzzled. Why is Stiles touching him like that? Doesn´t he hate him for sleeping with Jennifer, for putting his dad in danger, and for getting them all in this hell of a situation? Derek turns away to go to Jennifer but pauses once more to look back at Stiles. He appears as if he wants to say something. Take care of my sister. Take care of yourself. I´m sorry I messed up. Again. In the end Derek says nothing. Neither does Stiles. *Aw*

The driver of the ambulance is dead. Kali appears and confronts Jennifer and Derek. Wisely Stiles closes the backdoors of the ambulance. Derek and Jennifer decide to run and lure Kali away from Stiles and Cora. Stiles and Derek look briefly at each other before Derek runs along. He leaves his unconscious sister in the care of Stiles, a human. He leaves them both behind to lure the enemy away. Wow! Derek trusts Stiles more than he knows.

Derek and Jennifer hide in the elevator. The power goes out. They are stuck.

Stiles realizes that Cora stopped breathing. Stiles gives her mouth to mouth and saves her life. "Next time I put my lips to your mouth you´d better be awake." *grin* Stiles repays Derek´s trust in him in a very life-affirming way. Way to go, boy.

Stiles talks to the unconscious Cora. He thinks he is useless. Hey. Come on. You just saved the Alpha´s sister. You saved her liked you saved him. You are the one keeping them alive.

Scott and Peter join with Stiles and Cora. Stiles´s first question is: "Where´s Derek and Jennifer?" Scott goes looking for them.

Jennifer tells Derek why she is what she is. She was once Kali´s Emissary Julia. Apparently they were even lovers. Kali couldn´t kill Julia like Deucalion ordered her to. Half-dead Julia crawled to the Nemeton, where Derek had killed Paige. Her virgin blood gave Julia the magical power to keep on breathing until the Sheriff found her.

The power is back on. Jennifer turns into the Darach.

Stiles, Peter and Isaac move Cora to a car to head out. Stiles figures out that Parent and Guardian means the same. He runs to find Scott. Scott runs to find Deucalion and his mother. He passes the elevator seeing an unconscious Derek lying on the ground. He moves on. Stiles comes to the same spot seconds later. He stops, looks at Derek, hesitates, then he moves on. *Aw* Don´t worry, Derek. He will be back for you.

Scott goes with Deucalion to save his mother and Stiles´s father. Stiles can´t talk him out of it.

Stiles and Derek are way past hate. They obviously care for each other.

Derek and Stiles wear the same clothes as in 3x9. Jennifer wears black.