8. Ouroboros

Oh, Sterek. Will I ever see you again, if only just for a glimpse of your magic? *sigh*

Oh, look! There is Deaton. Okay. And he´s gone again.

Melissa slaps the sheriff because he's doing his duty. The whole moment is awkward and pretty OOC. Their relationship was always influenced by mutual respect. So this was coming out of nowhere and is utterly implausible.

Stiles appears to be in shock because of the recent event - and the damage to his Jeep.

Scott forces a boy named Cody Another pawn! to remember the location of the doctors by forcing his claws into his neck. Hello! Even Peter had Isaac´s and Derek´s permission for doing such a cruel thing, and they both are werewolves not humans.

Stiles tries to talk some sense into Scott and fails. Lydia agrees with Stiles. Scott and Malia go looking for Liam and Hayden anyway.

Stiles holds on to his library card. The name on it reads M. Stilinski. Yeah. Kind of sad that this little detail is the most exciting thing in the whole episode. Stiles throws the card into the garbage.

Theo saves Liam and Hayden and humiliates Scott. Malia hugs him. Oh, oh. This is going fast. For the first time Scott looks like he doesn´t trust Theo.

Kira leaves town because her fox is out of control. Duh! The TW writer just don´t know what to do with her character.

Stiles tells Lydia that Parrish is the one who takes the bodies. Lydia knows where he takes them.

Deaton and the desert wolf. She says if her daughter is still alive she has to kill her again. Well. The fandom will not shed many tears if she succeeds I can promise you that. Sorry for being honest.

I´m bored. Seriously. I´m not thrilled. I can´t wait for the season to end to take care of more important things, like watching season 1 - 3 again.

Stiles wears a blue-grey shirt.