6. Orphaned

Sterek! Hey! Only one scene, so we can slowly adjust and not having a panic attack. Ha-Ha!

Stiles and Derek are at Deaton´s animal clinic. They help to hold the struggling Brett down, who is poisoned with wolfsbane.

Stiles: "What the hell is happening to this kid?" Kid? Kid! What are you, huh?
Deaton: "He´s been poisoned by a rare wolfsbane. I need to make an incision and you need to hold him as still as possible."
Stiles: "Hey, Derek! How about a little werewolf strength?"
Derek: "Yeah, I´m not the only one here with werewolf strength." Says the man werewolf who always loved to show off a bit with his abilities!
Stiles stares at Derek. Stunned. Shocked. Speechless. WTF! Derek!
Deaton: "If you can´t hold him still the incision might kill him." He looks from the shocked Stiles to the struggling Derek. I think he knows too about Derek, or at least takes a good guess.
Derek looks at Deaton.
Stiles: "I think, he´s slipping. I think I can´t hold him."
Brett breaks free, and throws all three of them back. Derek and Deaton hit the wall. Stiles stumbles into a table with medical stuff.
Peter appears from the corner and knocks Brett down. His eyes are blue.
Peter: "I guess I have a little werewolf strength myself."
Derek: "Maybe more than a little."
Peter smirks. Derek looks at the scratches on his lower arm, concerned. He´s not healing.
Stiles: "Hey, doc. I don´t think he´s breathing." He kneels down besides Brett. Look at how calm he is. He was never that calm when Derek was in danger of dying - 1x4/3x11
Stiles watches Deaton making the incision. In the back Derek watches Stiles. Maybe he focuses on his anchor. Maybe he needs that to calm down. Peter looks at Derek, curious. Derek looks at Peter, scared. There. His wounds are finally healing.
Stiles: "Guys, can you hear that? I think he´s saying something." He looks back over his shoulder. Does he look at Derek?
Deaton: "Three things cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth." He looks at Derek. "It´s Buddhist."
Derek looks at Peter.
Peter: "Satomi."

Derek seeks out Malia to look for a pack that has a secret meeting place in the woods. Well, he can´t do it himself, having lost his sense of smell. Does Derek even know that Malia is his cousin? Did Scott or Stiles tell him? They figure out that the pack is rather hiding in the woods but they can´t find them.

Malia: "Maybe we need to think like Stiles." Oh, sweetie, that´s the one perfect name to say in company of Derek S. Hale.
Derek: "Like a hyperactive spazz?" Oh god, Derek. Really? Can you be even more obvious?
Malia: "Like a detective. If they are really Buddhist then maybe instead of asking where werewolves hide we should be asking..."
Derek: "...where would Buddhist hide?"
So, Derek figures it out, but Stiles gave them the push in the right direction. So. Derek knows about Buddhism, too. Wow! The man is so well-educated, or well-read.

Derek and Malia find the pack. All dead. Very likely poisoned. Derek finds someone else alive. Braeden. She is badly wounded. *eyeroll*

Stiles and Lydia try to figure out the third key. They and Parrish go to Eichen house to seek out Meredith´s help. The one guard who once treated Stiles badly recognizes him. He reminds Stiles that his dad has still to pay the bills. Parrish puts the guard in place. Stiles pats Parrish´s shoulder. "You. You. I like you. Can I keep you?" *snorts* Sure. Don´t give us Sterek but tease us with pairings that will never happen as well.
Meredith knows who the Benefactor is but she can´t help them. They keep pushing her and she freaks out. They leave.

Stiles: "Banshees predict death. What if the third key is someone who isn´t dead..."
Lydia: "...but will be."
Lydia concentrates and writes the name in a box on the PC. Derek! Jesus Christ! Stiles looks utterly wrecked. Lydia looks at Stiles like I´m sorry. I didn´t want to do that. I don´t want your boyfriend him to die. Why should she do that if not for the reason that she knows how important Derek is to Stiles and what Stiles feels for Derek, huh? Really? Why should she give Stiles that look?
Lydia presses enter and the third list decodes itself. Malia Hale is on the list. Not Tate. Hale! There are not many people who know about that.

In Stiles´s room are a lot of photos pinned to a board. Derek is on one of them.

Stiles is shocked to realize that Derek is possibly losing his power. Stiles is shocked to see that Derek is supposed the next one to die. Stiles cares a lot for a man he once asked his best friend Scott to let die. Just for him.

In the Sterek scene Stiles wears a black shirt and red slacks. Derek wears grey. With Lydia Stiles wears a blue/white plaid longshirt. With Malia Derek wears a purple shirt and a kaki jacket.