1. Omega

Stiles stays at the hospital because of Lydia. When Lydia disappears he goes looking for her. Stiles annoys Mr. Harris and gets detention.

Derek looks for allies. He meets Isaac. Derek goes looking for Jackson whose body rejects the bite. Jackson rejects to be part of Derek´s pack.

Lydia is found in the woods - naked. Stiles behaves very immature.

Derek saves Scott from the hunters. Isaac goes looking for Derek and finds him in an old traincar.

Derek wears only black. Stiles wears a dark shirt with the imprint JAWSOME above a blue fish/shark, and a blue/grey/red hoodie.
Later he wears a brown shirt with the imprint I support single moms and a brown checkered shirt.

Derek and Stiles are both pretty much on their own with their problems. They don´t have time to think or care about each other.