5. A Novel Approach

No Sterek. No No No. Don't you cry, my shipper lady.

Stiles is attacked by Donovan. Stiles fights for his life. Stiles kills Donovan in self - defense. Stiles calls 911 but flees the scene. Donovan's body disappears and the cops find no trace that implies that any crime has happened. Oops!

Stiles doesn´t tell any of his friends what had happened. Oh, shit. It´s time you come home, Derek. Your boy needs you.

Sorry but the scenes in the Asylum were a Silence of the Lambs rip-off. Hannibal Lecter is a lot scarier.

Isn´t it amazing that Malia and Theo have already more chemistry than Malia and Stiles will ever have? *snorts*
Well. I would ship them.

Scott says that Stiles still likes Lydia but it´s different now. In the past he was quite obsessive. Duh!

In the beginning Stiles still wears the grey plaid shirt, later he changes into a red/blue hoodie.