3. Muted

No Sterek. Duh! What else is new?

Peter touches Derek´s shoulder. Derek wolfs out in a second. Wow! Does Stiles know how special he is? He touched Derek already 4 times on his shoulder and Derek never did something even close compared to his fierce reaction toward Peter.

Peter realizes that Derek´s eye color has changed to yellow. I wonder if anybody else knows. Derek is concerned and unhappy about the yellow eye color. I wonder why.

Stiles´s and his father have money problems.

Stiles doesn´t like the new boy, Liam. *snorts* Stiles can´t believe that someone is that good at goalkeeping without having any supernatural powers. Well, welcome to the real world, Stiles.

Stiles: “He´s just perfect at everything. I hate this kid.”

Malia growls at Stiles. Stiles is not amused. Neither am I.

Stiles wants to go and investigate the new murder case. Scott and Kira want to stay in class.

Stiles: “Never heard anything so irresponsible in my life.” LOL! He already misses the taste of adventure and crime.

Derek and Braeden. The looks. The tension. The matter of trust.
Braeden: "I want you to trust me."
Derek: "Why would I trust you? I don´t know anything about you."
Braeden: "Yeah, well, but I know you, and I know what you really want." Stiles! ;)
Okay, I like Braeden, she is cool and hot, but if Derek ever says to her “I trust you” before he says it to Stiles I´m gonna throw up - hopefully not all over my notebook.

Stiles: "It´s okay to want something for yourself once in a while. It´s only human." Yeah? So, what do you want?

17 year old Stiles declines to have sex with a beautiful girl like Malia and rather wants to study. Are you fucking kidding me? Malia uses the red/green/yellow marker/color system to learn things. Stiles looks at the wall with his bulletin board with the newspaper clippings and the colored strings in red, green and yellow. On top there is a clipping of Derek. Stiles smiles. Sorry, but I don´t know what to make out of that. Does it have some meaning or is it only a tease of the writers to keep us intrigued? Is it a clue or just a red herring? Now Stiles wants to make out, but Malia declines. Ha! Malia. Always the one in control.

Derek wears a dark blue longshirt. Stiles wears a blue/yellow plaid shirt. Interesting that Stiles wears blue and yellow just after Derek´s eye color turned from blue to yellow. Playing Lacrosse he wears grey. With Malia he wears a black shirt.