6. Motel California

Jennifer takes care of Derek - in every way. Stiles and his friends have to deal with wolf´s bane poisoning.

Derek is twice on Stiles´s suspect list. Why is that, huh? Cora is only a suspect because she is Derek´s sister. Yeah, right! Stiles likes to say Derek´s name.

Stiles quotes Star Wars and can´t believe that Scott still hasn´t seen the movie. Oh my God! Neither can I.

No Sterek. Mirror Moments:

Jennifer brings Derek to the loft. "Derek, I can´t...can´t hold you anymore." Like Stiles said to Derek in 2/4.

Jennifer takes care of Derek. She fears he is going to die. "Oh Derek. Oh God. You´re not dying, are you? Derek, please, don´t die." Like Stiles did in 1/4.

Jennifer says Derek looks like one giant open wound. Stiles and Derek talked about open wounds in 3/1.

Jennifer tells Derek she has been hurt before. Well. So was Stiles due to the death of his mother.

Jennifer puts a hand on Derek´s shoulder like Stiles will later in 3/7.

Derek wants to find the others. He doesn´t want them to think that he is dead. Oh. He cares.

Derek, the man who trusts no one kisses and makes out with Jennifer, someone he only met twice before today. Strange indeed.

Stiles saves Scott and Ethan. Ethan tells them that Derek is still alive.

They all wear the same clothes like in Frayed, except for Derek who is bare-chested again. *snorts*