10. Monstrous

No Sterek. Was there ever a thing fans called Sterek on TW? Maybe there was. The writers certainly stomped the ship into the ground.

What? You like seeing Stiles and Derek together? Guess what? You never will again. Thatís the logic of TW.

Melissa keeps Stiles at the hospital because he has a concussion.

Melissa: "Even if I let you go what would you do?"
Stiles gives her a completely devastated and unhappy look. Oh my God! Heartbreaking. I need to be with Derek and keep him safe. What do you think, huh? I need to go.
Stiles: "Okay. Right." He gives up.

Derek is not even allowed to ask about Stiles anymore. That does Braeden for him. Braeden, a girl who couldnít care less what Stiles or Lydia do. Derek is ready to fight and kill everyone who threatens them. Wow! That´s terribly sad for a man who never wanted to be a killer.

Stiles and Malia. Kissing. The same second the locked door opens miraculously. What does that mean?

The truth is I could live with Stalia and Draeden if I would get some Sterek as well. I could live with Stalia and Draeden if all ships would be treated equally. Keep the balance, remember? TW is completely unbalanced at the moment, in reference to ships and anything else. The writers lost their way.

Peter plans to kill Scott. Duh! Now you really got me. *eyeroll* How obvious is TW these days? We all knew that since the end of season 3a, maybe even earlier. Write something thatís really surprising.

Stiles wears a red/black/white plaid longshirt above a black shirt. Later he wears a red/black/blue plaid longshirt above a white shirt. Derek wears his grey leather jacket above a kaki shirt.