14. More Bad than Good

Derek and Peter are freed by the girl Braeden (3/1) who once saved Isaac. She was hired by Deucalion to rescue Derek. Deucalion doesn´t care what happens to Peter.

No Sterek. Oh.

Scott and Stiles save the girl Malia who is a werecoyote.

Derek can speak Spanish. An unknown huntress/enemy calls him Lobito.

Stiles´s nightmares are getting worse. He begins hallucinating, suffering from sleep paralysis and partial dyslexia.

Stiles: "That´s why you called Derek first. You need a real alpha. You know what I mean. An alpha who can do alpha things, you know, an alpha who can get it going, you know, get it..."

Isaac: "...up?"

*giggles* Stiles still has confidence in Derek´s skills even he is a beta now.

Stiles knows where to find the twins. Stiles has a key to Derek´s loft? I´m not sure about that.

Lydia: "Animals can´t read." The look that Stiles gives her. He thinks of himself as an animal this very moment. You can see it written in his face.

Reuniting Malia with her father, Stiles regains his confidence and his dyslexia is cured. In the mirror of the car he reads: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. I think there is a double meaning here.

Derek and Peter find a piece with the same symbol embossed on it like the tattoo Derek has on his back.

Stiles wears the shirt from the last episode, then he wears a white shirt, later he wears a grey/white striped hoodie above that shirt. Finally done with being bare-chested Derek wears a khaki shirt. At the beginning you can see he wears black underwear.