12. Master Plan

No Sterek.

Stiles gets thrown in a basement where he finds Boyd and Erica, cuffed and gagged.

Scott rips the door of Stiles´s locker off to find him by the scent of his clothes. Derek and Peter appear. Did they overhear their conversation? Did they know that Stiles is missing? Did Derek care? He certainly shows no reaction visible.

Scott sees Peter the first time after Derek slashed his throat. Isaac sees him for the first time. Derek looks uncomfortable to be reminded that he once slashed Peter´s throat.

Stiles tries to free Erica and Boyd. Gerard appears and talks about the instinct of the two wolves to refuse to give their Alpha Derek up, so there is no point in torturing them. Stiles talks at once about how Scott can find him by scent. You can see how scared he is. Gerard starts beating him. So? Did Gerard kidnap Stiles to get information about Derek? Does that mean Gerard sees the connection Derek and Stiles have? Did Stiles give Derek up? The boy who held Derek above the water for two hours? Maybe. There's a distinct possibility. We we´ll never know.

The beaten up Stiles comes home to his father. He lies about who beat him up. Scott tells Derek and the others that Stiles was found. Again no reaction from Derek.

Peter teases Derek because he is still into books. I love that about Derek. Isn´t he the cutest?

Lydia visits Stiles because she is crushed about Jackson being dead. Yeah, Stiles, it is always about Jackson. Open your eyes. Stiles comforts her anyway. He even confesses how devastated he would feel if she gets hurt. Yet when he says his face looks like that because of her it´s not true, is it? It looks like that because of Derek. Lydia goes to help Scott with Jackson. Stiles stays behind.

Chris says that a certain level of electric current can keep a werewolf from transforming. At another level they can´t heal. A few amps higher and no heightened strength. Oh.

Derek and Peter see an animated flying kanima. They both freak out. Hilarious!

Derek rushes off. Peter reminds him that they need Lydia. Derek doesn´t listen.

Stiles: "I´m not a hero." Yes, you are.

Derek makes an entrance by showing off grand. Peter rolls his eyes. LOL!

Allison shoots and stabs Isaac. The wonderful beginning of a new love!

Derek tries to kill Jackson. He fails again. Then Gerard forces Scott to make Derek bite him. Scott does to save Allison from being killed by the kanima. But Scott had a plan all along. He put mountain ash into Gerard´s medicine and so the bite didn´t take.

Now Stiles and Lydia arrive. Why? How did this happen? Who changed Stiles´s mind to come here anyway? Lydia? Scott? The sheriff? Derek? Stiles didn't see the Master Plan go down and he didn't see his best friend use Derek's body and the bite against his will. In fact, he didn't see any of the subterfuge come to light. It's highly likely no one sees it necessary to tell him afterwards.

Jackson listens to Lydia and changes back. Derek and Peter kill him, though Derek doesn´t look happy about the fact he had to kill anyone.

Stiles is about to comfort Lydia but then Jackson is reborn as a beta werewolf with blue eyes. And Derek knows very well what the blue eyes mean. Lydia declares her love for Jackson. Stiles cries. He realizes that Lydia will always love Jackson.

This is a mirror scene to the moment in 4x12. Derek is dying. Stiles wants to comfort him, but there is Braeden, kneeling beside Derek first. Stiles hesitates. And then Derek sends Stiles away to save Scott. Derek is reborn as a beta werewolf, changed into full wolf form.

Allison and Scott break up. Boyd and Erica are caught by a pack of wolves. Deaton and Miss Morrell have their own plans. Derek, Peter and Isaac await the arrival of an Alpha pack. Scott and Stiles play lacrosse.

Stiles and Derek both are in emotionally fragile states, under pressure everyone else may have gotten to some kind of equilibrium point, but neither Stiles nor Derek really got any sort of resolution. Derek's still a failed alpha with no pack, rejected by Scott, manipulated by Peter. Stiles is still pining for Lydia, but more hopeless than ever, and nowhere to go with that anger and anxiety under his skin. Will their relationship, which is more friendly now, go anywhere? Will they spend time together for reasons other than life and death situations? Will they realize how much they fit together?

Derek wears a grey shirt. Stiles still wears his Lacrosse jersey. Later he wears a grey shirt and red sweatpants. At the end he wears a blue shirt with green stripes. The colors of Faith and Hope.