18. The Maid of Gévaudan

No Sterek. No Maleo. No Stiles (but for one scene.) My God!

Well. At least the one scene ist kind of interesting.

Stiles and Hayden carry the badly injured Liam into the school and put him on a desk. Outside the room pupils are running through the school, screaming.

Liam: "Is it bad?"
Hayden: "No."
Stiles: "Very."
Hayden: "Okay. Okay. What do you guys usually do when this happens?"
Stiles: "Uh...I usually pass out. I still might do that."
Hayden: "Stiles!"
Stiles: "Okay. Okay. Okay. Scott did this with pain. He could trigger it. Pain makes you human."
Hayden: "He´s already in pain."
Stiles: "Right, okay, but maybe a little more could help take away the pain."
Hayden kisses Liam to take his pain away.
Stiles (stunned): "Okay. Next time I'll kiss him."

What does that mean? Is he talking about Derek or Scott? He´s definitely not talking about Liam, the way he speaks and how he looks into the distance, like he´s not even here but somewhere else. Well, who did Stiles save two times due to hitting and slapping him? Who did Stiles have to leave behind thinking he´ll never see him again because he´s dying? Derek fucking Hale. So, is he implying next time Derek is in pain he´ll kiss him? OH GOD! Seriously. Don´t do this to me. I can´t take this baiting anymore. Not if it not means anything in the end. What is always the case on TW.

HEY! It was Derek who shows Stiles first that more pain triggers the healing process, (Season 2/Episode 7) and not Scott. Just saying.

Scott and the pack hunt the beast. No Kira, though.

Gerard tells Lydia a story about Allison´s ancestor Mary Jean. As much as I like to see Crystal again the story adds nothing new and is a waste of time.

Scott and Liam find out that the beast could be Mason. What? Come on. This is as stupid as the Benefactor story.

Stiles still wears his Lacrosse outfit with the number 24.