9. Lies of Omission

Sterek? No? Okay. Fine. *whimpers*

Nobody is talking to each other. No, they lie and keep their secrets.

Stiles and Lydia try to find the Nemeton. They argue if they should tell Parrish what they found out about him or not. Stiles almost confesses to Lydia what he´d done to Donovan.

Stiles: "He owes me a Jeep."

Stiles has a strong mark on his shoulder from Donovan's attack. He sees a hallucination of himself stabbed to death like Donovan.

Theo tells Scott about what Stiles did to Donovan, and he lies like a trooper. He also kept the wrench which Stiles had used to knock Donovan down. Later Theo tells the sheriff a different story that implies he killed Donovan to protect Stiles. He cries. The sheriff hugs him.

Mrs. Martin knows about supernatural beings. Duh!

Lydia and Parrish find the Nemeton. There are lot of bodies. Parrish puts himself into a cell.

Okay. The high point of the episode. Scott confronts Stiles about Donovan. Stiles tries to explain. Scott doesn´t believe him. Stiles turns fucking desperate. Scott leaves. Wow! Scott believes a stranger like Theo rather than his best friend. Seriously. Scott is an ass. I'm glad he's not my best friend. At that Theo eavesdrops on their conversation. Once again Dylan rocks as an actor.

Hayden is dying. Liam asks Scott to give her the bite. Scott says no.

Stiles wears a greyish hoodie.