16. Lie Ability


Stiles finds Lydia with Theo´s help. Duh!

Stiles and Theo talk about how Theo killed his sister. How does Stiles know that? I can´t remember Theo telling him that.

Lydia wants to scream. Parrish mutes her and carries her out of Eichen House.

Stiles and the pack escape Eichen House.

In the Jeep Lydia tries not to scream but she can´t hold it in. Stiles is bleeding from his ear.

At the animal clinic Deaton helps Lydia with an injection of mistletoe. She screams until all the windows shatter. She is unconscious. Stiles holds her face and begs her to wake up.
Well, well, well. That reminds us definitely of a Sterek scene, does it? The begging, the face touching, the handholding. But if two men does those things and the fans ship it they are called delusional and sick. Right! But if a male and female do those things it´s always cute and romantic and nobody who ships it is called delusional. That´s not fair. Really. So not fair. Enough said!
Lydia opens her eyes. Stiles has tears in his eyes. Seriously. That would have been the perfect moment for a kiss. That the writers didn´t go there confirms this is not a romantic ship. Yeah. Please keep it that way.
Lydia: "He saved my life, mom. Stiles saved me."
Stiles to Deaton: "Not paying for the windows."

Well. Nothing of import happened today. I´m waiting for something that really touches me. Something like a Sterek reunion, a Maleo kiss or the return of Isaac.

Stiles still wears the grey/white plaid shirt above a black shirt.