11. The Last Chimera

No Sterek. For a second or two I thought there is some, but I was just confused. Oh, dear. I still hurt so much.

Well. Not the most epic episode ever. ;)

Lydia suffers. She sees death. She is taken to Eichen House. She is a victim. Seriously, I liked her better being a bitch.

Stiles suffers as well. He fears for the sheriff’s life. He cries. He doesn’t want Melissa to call anyone, particularly not Malia.

Stiles attacks and hits Scott. Stiles screams at him. Oh, man. He has every right to be angry. Scott trusted Theo and now see what happened.

Stiles wants to see Lydia. Well, he appears pretty calm seeing her bad condition considering he's supposed to love her. Or is he just in shock? Lydia´s mom throws him out.

Stiles confronts Theo. Theo hits him unconscious. Scotts says Stiles trusted Theo, too. What? No, he didn´t. He was the one who told you not to trust Theo. Get your facts right, Scott. Anyway, Scott insists to come along. He and Malia help Stiles to save his dad, though Stiles is not happy that Scott called Malia.

Malia tells Scott she and Stiles have kind of broken up. Yeah! *throws confetti*

Chris Argent is back from Paris. Yeah! *throws cupcakes*

Resting Stiles hears a voice telling him to get up, to get up now. At first I thought it is Derek. It sounded like him. But now I´m sure it´s the sheriff. He says the same words like in the past, at the funeral of Stiles´s mom.
That day his dad put a hand on his shoulder and said: You need to get up. Come on. You gotta get up now. You need to get up. Hey. You still got me.
Well, remember the day Stiles put a hand on the shoulder of grieving and beaten Derek. Was he thinking the same words making his kind and loving gesture? Oh my. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe there are some Sterek feels in this episode.

The sheriff is okay. Stiles is relieved but exhausted. The lunatic world of Beacon Hills moves on.

One more thing. The Jeep is gone. That is kind of sad, though I never cared much for cars. I care because Stiles cares.

Stiles wears a grey and white hoodie. Later he wears a red plaid shirt above a green shirt.