16. Illuminated

No Sterek. Duh!

It´s Halloween. Derek comes home to the loft from shopping groceries and is confronted with three little boys who go trick-or-treating. First he gives them m&mís (Oh. Derek has a sweet tooth), but then he scares them into running away by wolfing out a little. HILARIOUS! Derek smiles but then the shadow men appear behind him. Oh dear!

Nobody knows that Derek is back because Danny and Ethan plan to throw a party at the loft.

Stiles makes copies of keys for himself. So? Did he make a copy of Derek´s key to the loft, too? Stiles thinks his solution is smarter than stealing. Oh, yeah? It´s still a crime, isn´t it?

Does Stiles really know some dark secret about Scott´s father or is he just playing him?

The Halloween party at the loft. Isaac: "Derek can never know about this." You don´t say!

A girl kisses Stiles on the cheek and he follows her into the dancing crowd. He recognizes her. It´s Caitlin, whose girlfriend was killed cruelly by the Darach in episode 3/3. Shortly after Lydia sees Stiles and Caitlin dance. She looks not in the slightest jealous. In need for help she calls out for Scott - not Stiles. Interesting!

Caitlin kisses Stiles. He is confused.

Stiles: "I thought you like girls."
Caitlin: "I do like girls. Do you?"
Stiles: "Absolutely."
Caitlin: "Great."
Stiles: "So you also like boys?"
Caitlin: "Absolutely. Do you?"

Stiles looks baffled by the question, and also as if he never has thought about that seriously, but now he considerates it. She smiles and kisses him again. They kiss three times. Three is a charm and breaks the spell. Stiles figures something out about the phosphor on his key and leaves. A 17 year old boy who is still a virgin leaves a pretty girl he has the chance of making out with to go hunting for whatever. That proves that he is not into her. No virgin boy who has the chance to get laid would leave this very moment for whatever reason. Never. Ever.

Isaac does the same thing to Ethan that Derek did to Erica in 2/7 to start the healing process. He breaks Ethan´s arm.

Derek wakes up and feels some sort of a mark behind his ear. He howls. He sounds like he has been violated. Well, no wonder considering his past.

Derek appears at the party, throws the bodyguard to the ground and smashes the DJ´s platform off the table. "Get out!" he screams. The crowd runs off. LOL! That´s my wolf.

Isaac, Ethan, Aiden and Lydia have the same mark behind their ear as Derek.

Stiles figures out that he is the one who wrote the coded message to kill Kira on the black board. What is happening to him? Is he possessed by a demon? Is he going to the dark side? Is he going to die? Well. If Stiles turns dark Derek will date him because of his typical luck of dating villains. A mirror moment to dating Jennifer. Oh My God!

Stiles wears a striped shirt in the colors grey, green, blue, turquoise, white and yellow. Derek wears his black leather jacket above a light blue shirt. That is a first! Also interesting that he wears such a color shortly after the fact that Stiles said "Blue is just pretty." Just saying!