5. I.E.D.

No Sterek. Not that I expected any.

Informing his father, the sheriff about the deadpool, and what had happend so far, Stiles mentions Derek’s name. Oh, thank you, dear writers. I almost had a heart attack. *snorts* Sarcasm is my only defense.

However, I think it´s interesting that Stiles says “Peter Hale” but “Derek” in the same sentence. Derek is just Derek to Stiles. No last name needed.

Derek reads the deadpool list. The bookreader knows how to use a PC. Who of the group/pack did send him the list, huh? Is it even his notebook, or does he check out someone else´s? Maybe in secret even?

Derek confronts Liam in the locker room.
Derek: "Is this yours?" Derek breaks Liam´s lacrosse stick in two. Dejá Vu. Derek once vandalized Scott´s stick, too.
Liam flips and attacks Derek. Derek pushes him against the locker. Oh, oh, Derek already has trouble to hold raging Liam tightly in his grip.
Scott comes in and says Liam´s name.
Derek: “You’re right. He’s angry.” Hello, Anakin Skywalker. Derek let go of Liam.
Scott gives Liam his lacrosse stick. "This one is yours." Derek only tricked Liam to make him angry.
Scott: "Get to class, Liam."
Derek smiles.
Scott: “What are you smiling about?”
Derek: “You’re gonna be good at this.” Wow! Derek is not one bit envious of Scott’s skills or his power. Derek really doesn’t care about being the leader.
Scott: "Are you kidding? I am totally unprepared. You remember I said you should teach me a few things. I mean now I could use a full-on training manual.
Derek: "I tell you one thing. That anger he´s got that will make him stronger." Duh!
Scott: "And dangerous."
Derek: "Very."
They sit down on the bench and talk about the deadpool and if Lydia is able to find the second key. Derek appears pretty cool about the list. Well. Stiles is not on it. No problem. Just kidding!

Scott, Derek, and Stiles remind me of the three rabbits in Richard Adams' Watership Down. Hazel. The leader. Bigwig. The fighter. Fiver. The visionary. Only together they were able to win against their enemy.

Stiles looks at crime scene photos in class. The coach catches him. "Stilinski, if I could grade you of how profoundly you disturb me you would be an A plus student."
Stiles: "Thanks, coach." LOL!

Seeing the lacrosse stick in the coaches' hand, and that the handle end matches the markings on one of the photos Stiles figures out that the killer is a lacrosse player. He must be on the team.

Stiles, Scott and Kira discuss the new lead.
Scott: "The game is the best way to catch him red-handed."
Stiles: "What if he´s red-handed because his hands are covered in the blood of the person he just stabbed to death?" That´s my boy. Always so positive. *snorts*

Scott and Kira agree that they are not afraid.
Stiles: “I’m terrified and I’m not even on the list! Guys, these are professional killers. It´s their profession!" Yeah, but Derek is on the list, right? That Derek is in danger is always a problem for you, too. Derek can´t die. Look back to S 1+2+3!

The killers have a new kind of wolfsbane. They will use it on a Beta first, because Alpha McCall is too strong. Oops! Oh, Derek. Beta!

The opposing Lacrosse team from Liam´s old school arrives. Liam gets into a fight with them and almost shifts. Stiles jumps in, goofing around to distract them.
Stiles and Scott force Liam to take a shower to cool off. Liam confesses that he has intermittent explosive disorder. Ha!
Stiles: "I.E.D.? You are literally an I.E.D.? That´s great."
He gives a mocking thumbs up to Scott: "You gave your powers to a walking time bomb."
Liam says he stopped taking his medicine.
Stiles: "Obviously."

Stiles talks to his father on the phone. The sheriff is late for the game. Well. He won´t make it there. A mirror scene to S1 where Stiles didn´t make it to the game because he was helping Derek to find the Alpha.

Derek shows Chris the symbol of the triskelis in the vault, the one Kate wanted. So, does that mean Derek remembers what had happened when he was de-aged, or did someone tell him about it? What else does Derek remember? Miguel?
Derek tells Chris that he needs to find Kate, alive if possible, because of what she did to him. He shows Chris his yellow eyes. At first Kate took part of his past. And now he starts to lose something else. His sense of smell. He is losing his power. Derek is scared. Wow! I´m surprised at how much Derek already trusts Chris after such a short time bonding.

Kira: "Why do I feel like it´s gonna end up badly?"
Stiles: "Because it usually does." Oh my God! Positivity! Think back to 1x4 when Stiles complained to Derek: "Positivity just isn't in your vocabulary, is it?" Mm?
Scott to Kira: "You keep an eye on Garrett and I´ll watch out for Liam."
Stiles: "Yeah, I´m just gonna try to play lacrosse. Alright?" *snorts* He is so cute!

Stiles distracts an opponent player by mouthing off, throws the ball to Kira, who scores! Hey! Great teamwork!

Lydia decodes the second list (Password Aiden) and sends it to Stiles via phone. Oops! Jordan Parrish is on the list. What are you, deputy man?

Scott knocks out one of the assassins. He tells Stiles to call his dad.

First Stiles wears a purple hoodie and a black shirt, later he wears a lot of red. A lot. Derek wears a green shirt and his grey leather jacket.

Next week: Sterek! In the same room. Talking. Oh God! Feelings! *drool*