3. Ice Pick

Stiles only thinks about having sex. He tries to win over Lydia and fails. Derek is kind of creepy and turns Erica and Boyd. He tries to win over Scott and fails.

Stiles: "Isaac is Derek´s problem now."

Stiles: "You know who else wants to have a good time? Stiles! Stiles wants to have a good time. Many, many times. Several times in a row. In several different positions."

Derek picks up the turned and now very sexy Erica from school. Scott and Stiles watch her get in the car. Derek and Erica both grin smugly at them. Stiles looks baffled and a little jealous.

Stiles likes the candy bar Reese's. In 3/8 we see Derek liked the same candy bar when he was 15. Oh.

Scott: "I'm going to go to the ice-rink, see if he's there. And if he's not at home, you call me, got it? What?"
Stiles: "Maybe we should let him. Boyd, you know, man? You said Derek's giving them a choice, right?"
Scott: "We can't."
Stiles: "You gotta admit, Erica looks pretty good. You know, the word "sensational" comes to mind."
Scott: "Yeah. How good do you think she's gonna look with a wolfsbane bullet in her head?"
Stiles: "All right, all I'm saying is maybe this one isn't totally your responsibility."
Scott: "They all are. And you know this thing's gonna get out of control. That makes me responsible."
Stiles: "All right, I'm with you. And I also gotta say this new-found heroism is making me very attracted to you."
Scott: "Shut up."
Stiles: "No, seriously. Do you wanna just try making out for a sec? Just to see how it feels."

Stiles does not think of being werewolf as the terrible burden that Scott has made it in his mind. The strength, speed and senses as well as the obvious sexual magnetism are something that Stiles admires, maybe even envies a little. And while the dangers of dying are a consideration. Derek and his betas are not inherently bad, not by nature, and Stiles will judge them all based on what they do, not what they are.

Stiles jokes about being attracted to Scott and try making out just to see how it feels. Hey! Is he really joking or really curious about how it feels to be with a man? Goodness knows.

Stiles looks for Boyd and runs into Erica. She teases him about only looking into her eyes and not at her tits even if he wants to. Well. Maybe he really doesn´t want to look. Maybe he is more into Derek men. Erica knocks him down. I´m not so sure that Derek sent her to do this. I´m not so sure he like to see his boy beaten by anyone else than himself. Erica puts Stiles into a waste container. At night he crawls out, murmuring bitch.

I don´t think Derek turns people to gain more power. I think he wants a family. A pack. He is one lonely guy. Not that he had realized that himself at this point. Only later he will figure out what is really important to him.

Stiles wears a blue shirt with the yellow imprint stud plus the image of a Muffin. "Stud muffin" is an American idiomatic expression for a guy/man who is very sexually active and capable, but the term is often used ironically or in a mocking sense. Stiles' wearing the T-shirt is humorous, ironic and/or a little self-deprecating because in 3x4 Stiles admits that he is still a virgin. Thanks a lot for the info, Verushka. :)

At the ice rink he wears a lavender hoodie above a black shirt. Later he wears a red hoodie plus the red sneakers. Derek wears a black jacket above a grey ribbed shirt. Later he changed it for a blue shirt.