6. Heart Monitor

Scott: "Yeah, but that was--I mean...Would you just stop? Please? What happened the other night, Stiles' dad getting hurt, that was my fault. I should have been there to do something. I need you to teach me how to control this."

Derek: "Do you want to live? Do you want to protect your friends? Yes or no?"

Scott refers to the Sheriff as Stiles' dad. Scott considers Stiles a shared reference point between him and Derek. He didn't just refer to the attack, he deliberately mentioned Stiles' dad, because he thinks it will be something Derek understands or cares about. The one friend Derek actually knows about and the only one that really counts.

Scott: "Still not talking to me? Okay, can you at least tell me if your dad's okay? It's just a bruise, right? Some soft tissue damage? Nothin' that big...You know I feel really bad about it, right? Okay. What if I told you that I'm trying to figure this whole thing out, and... That I went to Derek for help?"
Stiles: "If I was talking to you, I'd say that you're an idiot for trusting him. But obviously I'm not talking to you." - - "What did he say?"

Stiles is angry at Scott but beaten by curiosity to know what is going on between his best friend and Derek.

Stiles: "Wh--he wants you to tap into your animal side and get angry?"
Scott: "Yeah."
Stiles: "All right, well, correct me if I'm wrong, but every time you do that, you try to kill someone, and that someone's usually me."
Scott: "I know. That's what he means when he says he doesn't know if he can teach me. I have to be able to control it."
Stiles: "Well, how's he gonna teach you to do that?"
Scott: "I don't know. I don't think he does either."
Stiles: "Okay. When are you seeing him again?"
Scott: "He told me not to talk about it. Just act normal and get through the day."
Stiles: "When?"
Scott: "He's picking me up at the animal clinic after work."
Stiles: "After work. All right, well, that gives me to the end of the school day then."
Scott: "To do what?"
Stiles: "To teach you myself."

The last time Stiles saw Derek was at the animal clinic, where Stiles was visibly distressed over the possibility of Derek dying. But Stiles has learned a lot about Derek by now and that makes it difficult to feel trust, because trust is built from affection and predictability. And Stiles can't figure out what the hell is going on with Derek. Also Stiles doesn´t like for Derek to become such an important part in Scott´s life so he wants to teach Scott himself.

Scott: "Does that mean you don't hate me now?"
Stiles: "No. But your crap has infiltrated my life, so now I have to do something about it. Plus I'm definitely a better Yoda than Derek."
Scott: "Okay, yeah, you teach me."
Stiles: "Yeah, I'll be your Yoda."
Scott: "Yeah, you be my Yoda."
Stiles: "Your Yoda I will be. I said it backwards."
Scott: "Yeah, I--I know."
Stiles: "All right, you know what? I definitely still hate you. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah."

Stiles wants to be like Yoda, wise, experienced, and admired, a good teacher. He sees Derek as a competitor. (Obi-Wan! ;))

Stiles: "You know, this whole "women make you weak" thing is a little too spartan warrior for me. It's probably just part of the learning process."
Scott: "Yeah, but you've seen Derek. I mean, the guy's totally alone. What if I can, like, never be around her again?"
Stiles: "Well, if you're not dead, that could be a good thing."
Scott: "Rather be dead."
Stiles: "All right, you're not gonna end up like Derek, all right? We'll figure it out."

Stiles and Scott have a discussion about Derek's tragic existence and no one seems to give a fuck, except as a cautionary tale. They don't know that Derek is alone because of the manipulation of people much stronger and more experienced than him.

Stiles figures out that Allison is Scott´s anchor, who gives him control. Is it possible that Stiles does the same for Derek?

The fact that Derek can tell due to a person´s heartbeat that someone is lying implies that he always know when Stiles is telling the truth and when not.

Scott: "He's here. Where's my boss?"
Derek: "He's in the back."
Stiles: "Oh, well, he looks comfortable."

Stiles doesn´t look happy when Scott says that Derek is here. No. He looks displeased that he has to confront this guy again. Why me? Stiles seems to think. His resentment increases when he sees what Derek did to Dr. Deaton and his sarcastic comment on Deaton's general state of health, tied up in Derek's back seat says it all. Stiles lets Derek know exactly how he feels about him. Disappointed. Really, Derek, really? But it is interesting how comfortable Stiles already is with calling Derek on his shit. Like they already know each other for a very long time.

Derek is leaning against Stiles´s jeep while waiting for the boys, not the Camaro. Duh!

Derek: "I'm gonna kill both of you. What the hell was that? What are you trying to do, attract the entire state to the school?"
Scott: "Sorry. I didn't know it would be that loud."
Stiles: "Yeah, it was loud. And it was AWESOME."
Derek: "Shut up."
Stiles: "Don't be such a sour wolf."
Scott: "What'd you do with him?"
Derek: "What? I didn't do anything."

Derek freaks out but when he's talking about killing Stiles and Scott, it's not even a threat. Stiles looks upset for a moment because Derek is clearly not appreciative of the awesomeness. He's so comfortable with Derek's limits that he calls him sour wolf to his face and fears no retribution. Derek's "shut up" is reflexive rather than angry - he's snapping at Stiles without teeth. Also he looks hurt, jealous even; when Stiles says Scott was awesome. It appears Derek likes to be the only one to be called awesome by Stiles.

Derek gets stabbed in the back by Peter. The possible bonding moment is ruined by the big bad wolf. When Scott and Stiles run for the door of the school, Stiles looks back at Derek and the alpha, seeing the extent of the damage and the extent of the alpha's strength.

Derek and Stiles both wear a blue shirt. Oh.

Is there any hate between them? Well. They keep each other at arm's length. That´s for sure.