9. The Girl who knew too much

No Sterek. *eyeroll*

Stiles and Jennifer have a strange moment in class. Oops! She looks somehow concerned at him. Does she feel threatened by Stiles? Now that she had witnessed him giving comfort to Derek after killing Boyd more than before? I really wonder what Jennifer senses about Stiles?

Stiles: "I cannot believe that we´ve gotten to point where a sentence like what if the Darach was an emissary to the alphas actually makes sense to me."

Stiles to Ethan: "Is he looking at me? Are you threatening me? You know what I´m gonna do? I´m gonna break off an extra large branch of mountain ash, wrap it in wolf´s bane, roll it in mistletoe and shove it up your freaking...."

LOL! So not scared of werewolves this human boy.

Cora was badly hurt by Aiden. Stiles takes care of her even she insulted him and his friends. "She´s definitely a Hale." *smirk* "I´ll make sure she gets home." He would never let anything happen to the sister of Derek.

Derek is back. He comes to the school. He and Jennifer kiss. Duh! Also she talks ten times more than he does and looks very sure of herself. Guess why?

Stiles wants to tell his father the truth and he needs Cora as proof. Certainly the sheriff doesn´t believe Stiles´s story about werewolves and Cora faints trying to wolf out. They bring her to the hospital. There Stiles and his father have a big fight in front of a lot of people. Stiles looks crushed. "Mom would have believed me." Oh. That hurt. The sheriff freezes in motion. Stiles walks away.

Derek sits at the bedside of his sister. Who did call him? Stiles? The sheriff? What did Stiles tell Derek? Did they met and talk at the hospital? Does Stiles know about Jennifer and Derek? Does he even care? Was Derek grateful that Stiles took care of his sister? So many questions and no answers.

Jennifer is the Darach! Oh really? Such a surprise! Everybody knew! Everybody! *eyeroll* Oh Derek. Your love life is so fucked up. You are one unlucky guy.

At the school Lydia, the banshee, screams for her life. Derek hears her even at the hospital.

At the beginning Stiles wears red. So does Jennifer. Later he wears more blue and white while Jennifer wears black. Derek wears grey.

Random Note: If the obsessive can´t have the object of his desire he´ll choose to destroy it instead.