15. Galvanized

Guess what? No Sterek.

With the help of Peter Derek performs a ritual that makes him able to have a talk with his mom. Stiles works mostly with Lydia and is back to carrying a bat.

Stiles is against trusting the twins. No wonder. They helped forcing Derek to kill Boyd and making his life even more miserable.

Stiles calls Scott the hottest girl. Isaac agrees. OH MY GOD!

Derek and Peter are back at the loft. Does anybody know??? Stiles? Hello!

Stiles uses different color strings for his board. Blue he just uses because it´s pretty. Mmh? Who has blue eyes?

Derek meets his mom Talia the alpha wolf on a different level of consciousness at the Nemeton. Stiles was there in his nightmares. What does he ask her? What does she tell him? Maybe that Stiles saved his sister Cora? Derek comes back looking sweaty and furious and confused. Hey. I´m really curious.

Stiles wears a light grey shirt with the imprint of trees and a sunrise/sundown on a small front pocket. Derek wears a khaki shirt.