6. Frenemy

The gay bar episode. Derek doesn't have any lines, but everyone is talking about him. Stiles wants to kill Jackson a lot. Scott wants to save him.

Stiles: "I´m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense."

Stiles: "Not it. Jackson."
Scott: "Yeah, I know. I–I know."
Stiles: "All right, but does he know that? Did anybody else see him back at your house?"
Scott: "I mean, I don't think so, but he already passed Derek's test anyway."
Stiles: "Yeah, but that's just the thing. How did he pass the test?"
Scott: "I don't know."
Stiles: "Maybe it's like an either–or thing. I mean, Derek said that a snake can't be poisoned by its own venom, right? When's the kanima not the kanima?"
Scott: "When it's Jackson."

Stiles trusts Derek's knowledge of the supernatural, enough so that he believes the test should have worked.

At the gay club, Stiles gets a lot of attention from a group of drag queens. Oh. Look at that!

A guy pays for Scott´s drink. Stiles pouts. Ha Ha. He wants to be attractive to gay guys, too. Not very hetero, Stiles.

Stiles: "Oh, shut up."
Scott: "I didn´t say anything."
Stiles: "Yeah, well, your face did."

Jackson paralyzes a lot of people. Derek appears and attacks him. Wounded, Jackson flees outside. Stiles and Scott hide Jackson in the back of the Jeep. The sheriff appears at the scene. Stiles has to explain why they are here.

Stiles: "Well, Dad, there´s a conversation that we-"
Sheriff: "You´re not gay."
Stiles: "I could be."
Sheriff: "Not dressed like that."
Stiles: "Well, what´s..."

Cliché. Cliché. Not all gay men have exquisite style. Once again Stiles is the one who brings the subject of him possibly being gay up. Mmh?

Chris Argent and Gerard are talking about catching Derek in the process of catching the kanima.

Stiles tells Jackson that when he put those pants on him he was being all up-close and personal with his junk and it wasn´t exactly the highlight of his day. Oh, really? Why do you mention it then at all? What was the highlight of your day? Being up-close and personal, even though soaking wet with Derek?

Stiles: "You attacked me and Derek at the school, and you trapped us in the pool. You also killed a mechanic– right in front of me, by the way. That was lovely. And one of Argent's hunters. Oh, and last night, you tried to kill Danny."

Stiles has started thinking about himself and Derek as a duo. He doesn't really have a reason to reference Derek or anyone and if it was just about being specific, he would have mentioned Erica as well. She was there the entire time, after all, even though both Derek and Stiles seemed to have conveniently forgotten her existence. It implies that there are moments Stiles´s brain has labeled as things that happened to me-and-Derek together.

Allison´s mother refers to Stiles as the odd one. *sniggers*

Stiles: "Well, yeah, but it tried to kill me and Derek in the pool."
Scott: "Did it?"
Stiles: "It would've. It was waiting for us to come out."
Scott: "What if it was trying to keep you in?"
Stiles: "Why do I feel so violated all of a sudden?"

Stiles really thought he and Derek were both going to die. Now, what about that last line? Scott doesn't really pick up on the nuances here and redirects the conversation, but when Stiles says violated he means something pretty damn significant. Parts of him are probably pissed off because if this is true, he thinks all his genuine fear and desperation, both for himself and on account of Derek, were unnecessary. Omg! A breaking of boundaries. A sexual connotation. Without the threat of going to die Stiles considers his closeness with Derek a pretty emotionally intense/sexually suggestive situation. Well, well, well. What about that?

Derek wears the same clothes as in 2/5. Stiles wears the same grey striped hoodie above a grey/black shirt. Later he wears a dark blue shirt and a grey/red jacket/hoodie with blue lining.