5. Frayed

Stiles and Scott are on a school trip. Derek is supposed to be dead after a fight with the alphas went utterly wrong.

While Scott is devastated about Derek´s fate Stiles shows no reaction. Still he looks teary. Not quite himself.

Why wasn´t Stiles involved in the fight plan? Who was protecting the human?

Scott is not healing because of emotional stress. The same happens to Derek in 3x22 because of Stiles being possessed by the Nogitsune.

No Sterek. Mirror Moment: Derek collapses at the side of Jennifer´s car like he did in front of Stiles´s car in 1/4.

Why is he here anyway? Who was he looking for at the school? Stiles and Scott for sure. Not Jennifer.

Stiles wears a red/grey hoodie above a grey shirt. Derek wears a dark grey longshirt (which is shredded and ruined at the end). Jennifer wears a red jacket and a dark grey skirt.