21. The Fox and the Wolf

No Sterek. *sobs silently*

A lot of flashbacks. Almost little to none Stiles or Derek. *yawn*

This is the weakest episode this season so far. If I want to watch a history lesson or a brutal war drama there are really plenty of better movies out there about that subject.

Stiles almost kills Kira´s father. "You always talk." Look who´s talking?

Kira´s mother is 900 years old. Oh. Hello, female Yoda! and responsible for creating the nogitsune 70 years ago who is now possessing Stiles. Yeah, well, be careful what you wish for.

Wolves and foxes tend not to get along but they should be allies in a time of war.

The sheriff asks Derek and Chris to help him to trap Stiles. He thinks the nogitsune tricked him into believing he has the same disease as his mother so he had given up hope and didn´t fight back anymore. Derek looks very sad hearing all this.

Kira: "We don´t wanna hear your Casablanca story." Exactly. We don´t care. Move on!

Chris wants Derek to pick up Stiles´s scent.

Derek: "Hold on. We did this already. He (Oh. In Derek´s mind Stiles is already he) disappeared. We started looking for him and walked right into a trap at the hospital."

We get some pretty interesting looks between the sheriff and Derek. What is Stiles´s father thinking about the werewolf who cares that much about his son? Really? What?

The sheriff offers Derek he can back out if he wants to but Derek refuses. The sheriff and Derek are working together to save Stiles. *AW*

Derek: "Iím not going to be the first wolf to run from a fox." Yeah, right! You would never run from Stiles.

The sheriff installed a security system including cameras in his house. Oh great! Be careful Stiles and Derek if you ever plan having the sex cuddling there.

The chessboard

Aiden, Ethan, Scott, Isaac and Kate are pawns. Aiden and Ethan I can understand. But why is Kate still on the board and the only white pawn? Why Scott? What about that? Isaac´s pawn is already off the board. Oh dear. Not a good sign.

Peter, Chris and Allison are all knights. Peter is a black knight. SURE!

Deaton and Jackson are rooks. Why is Jackson still on the board? Rook also means deceiver. Does that tell us anything about Deaton?

Derek is the King. OH MY GOD! THIS IS HUGE! The king is the most important and the most vulnerable piece on the board. And itís the one you cannot sacrifice. Ever. So? What does that mean?

Derek: "Is there any reason why my name is on the king?"
The sheriff: "You´re heavily guarded. I guess the alarming detail is that... you´re one move from being in checkmate."

Derek looks and sounds pretty perplexed that he is the king. He certainly never felt like a king in the last years. The sheriff looks like he wants to say Why are you the king? What is going on between you and my son? I thought he barely knew you. *snorts*

The sheriff goes to Derek´s loft and finds Stiles standing in front of the window. For a second there when Stiles turns around he looks disappointed seeing his father. Did he expect Derek to be the one finding him here? Did he?

Derek wears the same white shirt as in 3/20. Stiles wears a grey hoodie with white lining above a grey shirt and light brown pants.