12. Lunar Ellipse

No Sterek. *pouts*

Stiles, Scott and Allison found the location of the nemeton and save their parents. Derek is back to being a beta but he saved his sister by giving up his alpha status.

Peter, Lydia and Cora talk Derek into leaving town but when he hears Lydia scream he turns around.

Stiles has an accident with his car and is unconscious.

Derek won´t listen to Jennifer who asks him to help her kill Deucalion until she mentions he can save Stiles´s father as well. Now Derek is willing to go along with her. Jennifer smiles like she knows exactly what his weak spot is and how to push that button. Duh!

Deucalion is a DemonWolf! Oops!

Stiles saves his father and friends with a baseball bat.

Derek resists killing Deucalion even Jennifer asks him to. "I´m a predator. I don´t have to be a killer."

Mirror moment: Jennifer slaps Derek three times as well as Stiles slapped Derek three times in 3x11. Three is a pattern. What is four? Derek looks confused as if he had just realized something meaningful?

Scott calls Stiles to ask if they are all okay. Stiles: "How are you? You´re okay?" Scott looks at Derek who is sitting in the back. Why? Does he need his conformation first to tell Stiles that they are both okay? Derek makes a *I´m not so sure* face. "Sort of," Scott tells Stiles.

Derek and Cora leave town. Does Stiles know? Does anyone know? Did they even say good-by to anyone?

Jennifer is not dead yet. She crawls back to the nemeton. There is Peter.

Jennifer: "Of course it´s you. Every one of us suffers but somehow you came out on top. And now that Scott is an alpha you´ll be able to steal it from him. You´ll be an alpha again."

Peter: "Again? Again?" He slashes her throat. "I AM THE ALPHA! I´ve always been the alpha!" Well. Like I said before: Peter is a problem. He always will be.

1. Derek and Paige. Peter is indirectly responsible for her death.

2. Derek and Kate. Peter killed her.

3. Derek and Jennifer. Peter killed her.

One is a coincidence, two is an incident, three is a pattern. What is four? Huh? What is coming? Oh Derek. Never tell Peter that you care about Stiles.

Derek wears a blue shirt and then his leather jacket above a grey shirt. Stiles wears a plaid shirt with the colors red, blue and yellow. At the end he wears yellow, grey and blue.