20. Echo House

No Sterek. That´s okay. I´ve given up hope anyway.

Stiles is brought to an Asylum and locked up.

He meets Malia again. He sleeps with her. What is it with this boy that the girls always make the first move and kiss him first? What about sleeping with someone you only met twice? Two virgins. No protection. Their first time is all clean and cuddly and not the slightest bit messy. Yeah, sure! In Fantasy land maybe. Certainly this is a lot more bizarre than Sterek.

So. Stiles had creepy sex with Malia like Derek once had creepy sex with Jennifer. Now they are even.

Stiles lets the evil spirit in to save Malia. He crosses the line to the dark side.

Derek and Chris are locked up behind bars.

Derek: "You know, when all of this is true people are dead because of Stiles."
Chris: "But is it really Stiles? You remember, we had this problem before."
Derek: "But we got lucky with Jackson. What happens if we don´t get lucky?"
Chris: "I guess that depends of how much of our little Stiles is left."
Derek: "Would you feel any remorse putting Stiles down?"
Chris: "Stiles, yes. But not the nogitsune."

Derek looks and sounds really unhappy at the thought that Stiles could die or even worse that he has to kill him.

Stiles has a favorite pillow without which he cannot sleep. Oh really?

We didn´t learn a lot in this episode, and most of it happens in the dark anyway, which is always pretty lame.

Please, don´t turn Stiles into a werewolf. I don´t like the idea. I love Stiles being a human.

Keep the balance!

Stiles wears grey. Derek wears a white shirt. When did he change? Was he at home before they locked him up? Did someone bring him a fresh shirt?