3. Dreamcatchers

Sterek. None. Not even subtext. *pouts*

Yet. Stiles and the sheriff have some pretty interesting conversations.

The sheriff: "Should got a haircut."
Stiles: "You know someone at your age should be happy to still have hair to cut."
Scott: "I think you look great."
The sheriff: "Thank you, son, I should´ve had."

Oh. Stiles looks pretty hurt.

The sheriff: "This is a terrible idea."
Stiles: "Wh-dad, dad, it is one date. The town of Beacon Hills won´t implode because you´re out with one woman - or man." Haha! Cheeky Stiles. Queerbaiting much, TW? Seriously, Stiles? Why are you asking? Do you want to know how open and tolerant your dad really is? Just in case you go for a man yourself?
The sheriff: "It´s a woman, Stiles."
Stiles: "Okay."

Stiles and Scott sit in the car. Stiles is pissed because his Jeep doesn´t start.
Stiles: "It´s anxiety."
Scott: "What is?"
Stiles: "Chemo signals. I´m well aware how all of you´re monitoring my emotional state. Yeah."
Stiles hits the wheel with his fist. Then he shows Scott the message he got from Braeden a few hours ago. It´s about the desert wolf and what horrible things the creature did.
So, what is it? The horrible news? Braeden? Is Derek with her? Jealousy? Frustration? Fear for Malia because her mother is a monster? Whatever. Stiles is at a pretty bad place at the moment.
Scott: "Maybe you should stop."
Stiles: "It´s not up to me."

Stiles and Deaton. The vet´s blade breaks apart cutting Traci´s arm.
Stiles: "I think you´re gonna need a bigger blade."
Deaton glares. YOU THINK! LOL!

Stiles is hit by Traci´s/the kanima´s tail. He is paralyzed by its venom. Sadly this time no Derek is around to suit as a pillow. Damn.

The sheriff has a date with Lydia´s mother. WTF!

Lydia is badly hurt.

Theo helps Stiles to get up at the animal clinic. "No. No. Ah. Ah. Oh." Stiles is not amused. You´re not Derek. So don´t touch me.

Theo wants to help. Scott looks at Stiles. Scott doesn´t want to say yes without his permission. Stiles don´t trust Theo. Deaton notices.

Stiles is not happy. He suffers for whatever reason. Like he had lost his anchor. Like he´s lost.

Stiles wears a white shirt and a purple hoodie. Then he wears a red sweater.