24. The Divine Move

Sterek! A lot of questions. A lot to think about. A lot of options.

Derek persuades the Twins to stand and fight for Scott. Well. Scott is the Alpha. Derek is the best Beta ever.

Deaton reveals that he is the one who made the box out of the wood of the Nemeton, which contains the claws of the Alpha Talia. Oops!

Derek, and the twins, confront the nogitsune. Well. Not really Sterek. But it is always fun to see Dylan and Tyler together. Dylan visibly enjoys this.

Oh, and Derek, please remember you never won a fight!

Scott bites the nogitsune and changes the host. The nogitsune canít be a fox and a wolf. Still, even if the host is destroyed, the fly comes out and is trapped in the wooden box.
So. The nogitsune is only trapped, not destroyed or dead. Not very comforting.

Lydia and Stiles run to see who died. I can be wrong, but I think Stiles looked kind of relieved to see that itís not Derek. Yeah, I´m a shipper till the end of time, not matter what will happen.

Scott cries in the arms of his mother about Allison. That really made me feel for him. He´s a good boy. Maybe that´s my problem. He´s too good. I like them a bit more complicated. Like Derek. Like Stiles. Like Isaac. Like Peter.

Malia is back. The new girl at school. I don´t hate her. I just dislike what the writers did with her and Stiles. Sorry. It´s just not realistic, nor romantic. She is really pretty, that´s for sure. But I don´t trust her. And I think neither does Lydia. Well, she´s the only one who knows that Malia is Peter´s daughter, isn´t she, now that Allison is dead. And Lydia knows Peter.

What was the last piece of paper that Stiles ripped off his wall? I really like to know. There are even little holes left behind afterwards. The same holes Stiles saw in the basement wall confronted by the nogitsune.

Sterek. *drumroll*

Derek and Stiles in the locker room. What? Why? What is happening?

Derek tells Stiles about a nightmare he was having. Stiles listens to him as if this is a normal thing they do all the time.

Oh. It is only a dream. Still. Derek dreams about Stiles being his confident. The King´s counsel. WOW! Does Stiles turn into someone like Deaton?

Derek dreams that he tells Stiles about various myths how to become a werewolf. Stiles already knew about them. Of course.

Derek don´t remember waking up from his nightmare of being attacked at the loft. He asks Stiles how to know if you are still dreaming? Stiles tells Derek about the extra fingers you have in dreams.


How the hell did Derek know that Stilesís answer for knowing how to distinguish between what is real and what isnít, is based on having extra fingers in dreams, if they havenít interacted at all? HOW??? Did they meet in secret? Are they connected in some way, like by the Nemeton?

Derek grabs Stiles´s hand and counts his fingers instead of his own. Cute!

It´s all about TRUST! Even if it´s not romantic. Even if this is a dream. Derek trusts Stiles. In his subconscious. He is the one he goes to when he is in horrible place. God! This is so Sterek.

Hoechlin told in interview after interview that Derek was ĎFinding a new anchorĒ this season. Is Stiles Derek´s new anchor? What? What? Is this for real? OH MY GOD!

Stiles. Derek. The TRUST MATTER. I love it.

Derek and Stiles touched in every episode they were together in season 3, even if this moment was a dream. *AW*

Kate *evil bitch* shoots a hole in Derek´s chest. Oh, Derek your girlfriend is back and she´s a werewolf. That´s certainly some cliffhanger.

Now I know why Kate´s white pawn was still on the chessboard in 3x21. So it was her who shot at the twins in the woods. And Chris has his suspicions.

We all were worried so much for Stiles but it is Derek who is in deep shit - again!

Peter is no lucky charm for Derek. He made him bite Paige and she died. He slashed Kate´s throat and she is back. He slashed Jennifer´s throat. Will she be back, too? Just saying.

Stiles wears a red/grey plaid longshirt over a grey/black shirt. Derek wears a grey/black longshirt talking to the twins.

The nogitsune/Stiles look-alike wears grey and black. Derek wears a grey/black jacket above a red shirt fighting him.

Clearing his wall (and head) Stiles wears a green shirt. Maybe there is hope.

Dreaming about Stiles, Derek wears a red/grey colored longshirt. Stiles wears a red shirt and a red hoodie. Wow! Why are they both wearing red? Is there some kind of meaning in it?
Maybe it means that their relationship is unsolved. I hope for some resolution in season 4. Please. Give us more Sterek. We deserve it.